The Oil And Coal Market Is Bogus. It'S A Setup, That Is Destroying The Macro Consumer Market
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The Oil and Coal Market Is Bogus. It's a Setup, That is Destroying The Macro Consumer Market

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The Oil and Coal Energy Market Is Bogus. It’s a Setup, That Is Destroying the Macro Consumer Market.

November 21, 2013

By Dom Jermano

Gas Prices in China are at $7.18rmb per liter. That is about $3.60 USD a gallon. Given the reality that Gas and Fuel Prices will never come down in price, we can be assured that everything else in the Larger Macro Economy will also go up in price.

A free market economy is said and is suppose to encourage competition. Just what is the competitive edge? One major indicator to a competitive edge is the price. When we see that all prices are determined by fuel cost, we can be assured that there is no competition. This means all prices are doomed to go upward. Since the people are not rich enough and do not control the Energy Resources, to compete against each other, the prediction is clear; that there can not be competition of prices, and that indeed the idea of saying allowing Market Prices to determine the cost of goods and services, is not true. It is a bogus claim.

The cost of fuel; be it Oil or Coal is used to base the prices for manufacturing, shipping, labor, transportation, housing, healthcare, business leases, licensing, and ultimately education. Everything revolves around Energy Prices; that establishes a Market Place.

In America, the Private Sector and some Politicians do not like it, when the Government steps in and says it will control the price of fuel. China has done this in the past. The question is, how do you recognize a true Market Condition?

That can only be realized when the people have control of the resources that produce the Energy Supply. The real energy supply in my opinion is not from Oil, or Coal, Natural Gas, Dams, Nuclear Power, Wind or Solar. (OCNGDNPWS) The real energy supply is from my invention the Flying GEM-G that makes electricity Pollution Free 24 hours a day.

Although people buy stocks and shares from these (OCNGDNPWS) Energy Producing Companies: That does not determine the price of that energy on the market. The price is determined by how large is the supply, and the demand for it. The Supply and Demand is for the Energy Prices verses the Supply and Demand for the Goods and Services Prices people are employed to each and every day. Of course; people who buy stocks and shares either keep them for long term investment hope, or sell them to make a short term profit. The people who buy Oil and Coal stocks are certainly right that they will not lose money, because fuel costs can only go upward. The reason is that Oil and Coal are a limited resource in the long term. This ultimate limitation along with the consequences of Pollution equates also to the ultimate loss to stocks in all internal combustion engine and Auto Manufacturing. Investment shares will move into Electrical Auto Manufacturing and Technology.

The problem is that those same people do not realize that someday, those Oil and Coal Companies will be sued and taken to Court, for their crimes of pollution to the environment. They will be sued for their crimes for causing the Major Macro Economy to experience an on going upward expansion of Prices for Housing, Goods, and Services that causes the deprivation of millions of people. This has taken mankind on the road to unsubstantiated inflated prices. And will destroy the Macro Consumer Market.

The high cost to Energy Prices that is destroying the Free Market Economy is responsible for homelessness in America and around the world. It is a major reason for the high cost of housing. Politicians do not work to solve this problem. They live in their little dream world, which thinks because they support the idea of a Free Market Economy, means they have one; is another Bogus Lie. Politicians need to be actively engaged and do things to assure a Free Market Economy is established and is working.

That means supporting ways and means to getting the Energy Supply into the hands of the people. If people can create their own energy supply, they have a means to determine the price of goods and services in the larger Macro Economy.

If people support the process in making my new invention, in producing and using my Electricity Machine, that is really an unlimited Energy Resource, we then have uncovered the real market economy. We then have real competition. We then have a wide variation of price choices for Energy. We then know that Energy Prices do not determine the prices of the Market, as they do today.

We then know that competition really is determining the price in the Macro Market Economy, and that Fuel Prices are not standing in the way. We then see a more prosperous market place, and happier people. We do not see fake Millionaires, or Billionaires, boasting about their rank in society. We know their rank stinks, because if they really were so rich, they would not have the poverty that exists today.

I write to make you aware of the reality of Market Economies. How easy to think State Owned Enterprises can simply become a Private Company tomorrow; and all the problems will vanish. Or how

Easy to think a Private Company can become an SOE tomorrow, because the problems got so out of hand that the Government is the only tool to force corrections.

The point is; if you have a real unlimited Energy Supply that can be used by the people, it is only by this method that we truly embrace The Modern Age and The Macro Consumer Market.

Dom Jermano


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