Science Discovery In Growing New Air
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Science Discovery In Growing New Air

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New Electricity M...
Today in my Scientemplative State of mind, I have been able to move forward in using my Electricity Machine to grow new air.">Moon Colony

Yes, since making my electricity machine, which is the safest and most green energy efficient machine on the planet, I have been able to bring to the world the ability to grow air.

Growing Air opens the door for Space travel, and Space Living, especially on other planets to include living on the moon.

How does it work? Consider that since Air is lighter in weight than water, Air can be easily transported into space. Let's take the Moon for example. Space Canisters of Air are loaded on a ship and sent to the moon. On the moon are air tight domes, where the canister air is released.

Inside the dome is my invention The Flying GEM-G which can make electricity non-stop 24 hours a day. See Here:

My electricity machine can power an air conditioner. The air conditioner is also inside the Moon Dome, and while being powered by my electricity machine exchanging the released air inside the dome, the dome then becomes cool inside. The air conditioner is also releasing water which is captured into a tank.

The tank is then also electrically charged in which it separates the water into Hydrogen and Oxygen. The Oxygen is produced, or grown from the air that was shipped from earth.

This means more air or oxygen, is created than originally brought in with the canisters. Making it able to create even more air and oxygen in order to support life, and grow life in space or on another planet or moons.

Clearly this is a significant development for Space Exploration, and moving us toward the direction in living and populating space in our future.

I am happy about this research and presenting it to interested parties in our vast society.

Think of using my Electricity Machine to help make New Air on planet Earth, in aiding trees and plant life to replenish the air supply. This would definitely help the environment, and make life possible in all hostile regions on Earth. That means the ability to bring life to all desert locations.

Thank You.

Mr. Dominic Jermano

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