Election Process In India
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Election Process in India

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Democracy is said to be the best form of govt and many wars have been fought recently to bring democracy around the world and many are expected to happen soon. But we seldom bother to think about the forms of democracy. In India itself, when we look in the political condition, either it be the Netaas' attitude or the corruptions in the political parties, we realy feel ashamed for the country and every one wants to get rid of this. Parties are today ready to do any thing to get into power. where is the power of public which is the most highlighting feature of the democracy. after knowing all about these political parties, we are all bound to elect one of these in the upcoming elections, not because we dont understand the things, but because the system is like that only. We get two or three options to elect our leader, other nominantions are not really options, because they are not strong enough to stand and fight against the big political parties.

The current form of elections in India are not democratic, and when the election process is not democratic, how would we get democratic system afterwards.

We need to stop and think about the future of the country and take strong decisions to stand and fight for democracy. Strong parties will never support any discussion against the current process, so we need to be strong enough to fight for this. All the best Indian Citizens!!!!

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