Write A Paraphrasing Plagiarism Free University Dissertation - Step By Step Guide
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Write a Paraphrasing Plagiarism Free University Dissertation - Step by Step Guide

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A dissertation is the perfect way to examine the research and writing skills of a student. Through this detailed academic paper, students answer an articulated and clearly drafted research question. This question is selected on the basis of two core factors. One of them is the interest area of the student and the recommendation from the advisor.

If a student is acquiring a degree in project management, he may choose research questions covering agile methodology, waterfall project analysis, project baselines and software risk analysis. All these topics fall under the umbrella of project management.

Planning the chapters of a dissertation

A major chunk of university students fails to score well in their dissertation because they do not have relevant preparations for each chapter. Each section of the paper requires the content to be presented in a different way. For instance, the abstract only highlights the summary of the dissertation and is not a detailed section.

The literature review is a lengthier chapter and explains the research work that has already been carried out on the topic. Hence, in a nutshell, you need to be sure that the writing process of each dissertation chapter has been planned properly.

A paraphrasing plagiarism free dissertation is mandatory

Do you know that there is no forgiveness for thesis plagiarism? When a student has completed all the writing stages i.e., creative writing, paraphrasing, quoting, and referencing and the paper has been compiled, it is presented in front of a committee.

This is the dissertation committee which comprises of academic supervisors. They check all the chapters and then the student has to defend the paper. He has to justify the answers given for the research question.

Even before that, the paper is checked for plagiarism and the best software are used to scan the paraphrased and copied content.Turnitin& Prepostseoare mostly used in educational organizations to check duplicate work. Even if there are small traces of copied content, the submission is rejected and the final GPA of the student is ruined. At this stage, make sure you use a valid and best paraphrasing tool that understands the essence of legit paraphrasing rules.

It is important to keep in mind that the dissertation grade has an impact on the final GPA awarded before degree completion. A low GPA means not getting the best employment opportunities.

Steps of producing a plagiarism free dissertation

A student needs to start by compiling the content for dissertation chapter. For that, he should know the layout of each section and how content has to be prepared for it.

Compiling content for dissertation chapters

Let us have a look at the chapters of a dissertation paper.

Understanding the abstract

This chapter presents a summarized form of the dissertation paper. If someone wants to view the central thought of the paper, he does not have to go through all the chapters. He can save time by reading this chapter.

However, this chapter needs to be brief and compact. It should not include lengthy statements and redundant content.

Construct a well-defined research question

The content of a dissertation has to be very specific. A proper question should be selected before you begin research work. With a research question, you would know about the research boundaries of the dissertation.

The sources which the student goes though depend on the requirements of the research statement. The committee members would get confused if the dissertation paper is not based on a proper question.

Working on the literature review

This part of the paper is integral and descriptive. A dissertation should not repeat points that have been covered in the past. This can be a problem. The literature review defines the work that has already been done. Therefore, paraphrasing of the previously published literature reviews should also be avoided.

In this way, the committee would know how your paper is different.

A breakdown of the chapters

A dissertation paper needs to be well organized and having properly defined chapters is a good strategy. Ideally, there should be 5 to 6 chapters covering all the areas of the research statement.

A good tip is to identify the areas before you begin writing. Plan the information which would be included in each chapter. A breakdown of sections helps in framing the content.

Secondly, readers can be selective when they are going through the paper. If someone does not want to read a particular chapter, he can skip it and flip to the section is interested in.


With so many websites offering information on the same topic, picking the authentic and legitimate ones becomes hard. Quote all the websites and journals from where you have taken the idea and paraphrased the source. Citation important because all spin rewriter cannot remove complete plagiarism from the paper.

Plagiarism checking and its significance

Plagiarism is a very unethical act in simple terms. It is considered the same as stealing something. In our society, people who steal things do not have any respect and get penalized as well. Same is the case with students copying content.

The information published on the internet is owned by the writer who creates it. It is not simple to come up with quality content. If you think that published content on the internet matches your needs, some regulations have to be followed by the student.

The content prepared for the dissertation paper should be free of plagiarism. A lot of students do not know that every academic paper is scanned for copied content using top notch applications.

Thus, intentionally or unintentionally if you have submitted content with paraphrasing problems, the paper would be rejected resulting in the final GPA going down. Students should know that the dissertation grade has a long term impact. If you get a good score, it would be easier to get good employment opportunities.

Checking each chapter with the plagiarism checker

Quality software work in a much quicker manner than humans. A plagiarism checker can be termed as a related example. As explained above, the dissertation paper comprises of several chapters, students have to perform the plagiarism check when each of them has been completed.

Let us go through an example to gain more understanding about this point. Consider that you are done with the literature review. To check it for plagiarism, you can use a high standard plagiarism checker. This quality tool would read through the written material and highlight copied content areas. Thus, students would be able to benefit in two days.

First of all, they would not have to read through each line and see whether it is plagiarized or not.A good plagiarism checker reads through all parts of the content. From the student’s angle, this is the best possible option as he does not have to check through anything. He can compile the dissertation paper content and scan it by using the tool.

Plagiarism checkers help in meeting deadlines

The biggest concern for any student working on a dissertation is to get done with everything before the submission date. Meeting deadlines becomes very easy if the student does not have to spend any time on plagiarism checking.

At times, students believe that reading the dissertation content and removing plagiarism traces is not a time consuming process. This perception is completely wrong. To start with, dissertation papers are lengthy academic submissions.  On an average scale, these papers have a word limit of 10,000 words. Logically, it is not possible to read through so much content and determine the originality level.

The option does not work. In addition to that, if a student makes an attempt, he ends up wasting precious time and not achieving anything. As a result, the dissertation deadline is not met. This is actually a big problem because the awarded grade depends a lot on timely submission.  At times, late submissions are rejected without any consideration.

Concentrate fully on content research

The backbone of a quality dissertation paper is strong research. Based on the research question, you have to go through quality journals, digital libraries, e- books and several other online sources. A lot of time and effort is needed to filter out the required content. If a student has to tolerate the additional pressure of checking plagiarism, he is unable to concentrate fully on the research tasks.

Students get into a stress free position when they use a plagiarism checker for their dissertation.  A lot of factors play important roles in deciding the grade. At times, students are successful in reading through the paper content for checking copied content and submitting it on time.

However, they go through two major problems when they opt for this alternative. First of all, as they adopt a hasty approach with the research work. In some cases, redundant content is included while other students do not cover all the areas of the scope. The second issue is that students count on manual checking and submit their dissertation with copied content.


Working on a dissertation paper is never an easy goal to accomplish. It requires a student to work hard for several days and produce a 100% original paper. Plagiarism is a major problem that hampers the grades of several students every year. One of the prime reasons is not opting for the correct solution.

For instance, when you talk about plagiarism checking, it cannot be done by reading the written text. Even expert writers can skip parts of the content while reading. The most dependable alternative is using a quality plagiarism checking tool which runs through the content and identifies the faulty areas.