Media-Politics & Elections
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Media-Politics & Elections

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IT Professional & Educationist
Media, a source that communicates and serves as an intermediator. What we see does occupy our minds and works like a permanent marker. Do we ever think if we should really believe what we are being made to?

We see a good movie; it keeps on moving in the back of our minds for a few days, even though we know that it was not Reality but an expression and imagination of a Director. That is the impact of a video Programme presented on a screen.

Media-Politics & Elections, the reason I chose this subject for my Blog is that it is an Election time and we are made to see and believe so much of self-decided results and opinions that at time it becomes so irritating to keep on watching that.

Media, as the word describes a source, which helps transfer the message. However, my Question is, Does it actually fulfils its duty!

It is very critical that the message that is being shown is true enough not to have the adverse effects. The message cannot be an opinion and desire of the Director of the channel.

The political scenario in India has become so complex that nothing seems to be coming good for the country since all these parties are interested in much more in themselves than people or the country. It becomes very important in this scenario that the Media honestly pass on the true message which all these parties want to convey to the people so that only deserving one comes to the Power.

However, the irony of the situation is that Media is showing its true colors, and proving repeatedly that it is a body not driven by Truth and Patriotism BUT Money and TRP's. It becomes easily judge able to see that these channels tend to have their own agenda and an Election manifesto; they tend to show what they are being made to, with the pressure of Power and Money. This becomes easily visible the way the Hosts of debate programmes tend to deflect from their main objective of debating to harassment of a particular spokesperson of a particular party. Few parties get a free marketing through the continuous POSITIVE coverage they get and a few parties are at a disadvantage of only NEGATIVE coverage they get. The Realities, Truth and Neutralism go for a big Toss and the people are forced and made to believe what they tend to pictureise.

I believe, for becoming a stronger country, Media reformation is Necessity. It is also not a body but an institution, which plays a huge role in affecting the minds of the people. It is very important that only a true message flow so that we know what we are doing and whom we are voting for...

The Media has to be Neutral...