Plight Of Working In An Outsourcing Environment
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Plight of Working in an Outsourcing Environment

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IT Professional & Educationist
10 years. In the past decade there has been a revolution of changes in the business segment. The decade has been full of controversies, debates, confusion, recession, lay offs.....But all this just could not hold stream and businesses have still managed to flourish.

Outsourcing, the word has been the most widely talked about and discussed during this period. This has brought in a complete change in the business strategies. The companies have smelled the opportunity and the profits it could earn. A huge recruitment drive went underway with tempting remunerations. It looked such a promising career opportunity too.

No doubt the outsourcing industry did open a window for the job opportunities in a huge scale. Top brand did indulge in this money making hysteria. Those who dreamt of being part of these big brands did see their dreams materializing.

But dreams are dreams, and have always got shorter life span. The job which once brought happiness slowly started looking like a burden. It was like a baron land with hardly any sigh of green visible. For the one working in the environment, everything besides was changing, things were developing, people were gaining heights, but nothing seemed to be thrilling for the outsourcing guys, they were still stuck where they probably started and still hold the responsibilities which they once got once as a package deal.

More amazingly it is even more depressing to see the step motherly treatment they get from the organizations they work for. It’s like being thrown in a fighting ring where your client is the master. The game is fixed; the client has to be the winner & you have no right to hit back at the client. And if you do so, you lose the job.

Day in and day out different situations arise for him, but all he can do is to just handle it on his own. Many a time’s the self respect and his opinions are compromised. Slowly and steadily the job looks like an overloaded bag kept on his head, but still the silence has to be maintained. A cry at that time may take his job away.

No wonder, the business is logically perfect and is the need of the hour in many respects. But along with that there is a need to look into the issues of the employees who are ensuring the smooth functioning of not only clients business but also for the organizations they are employed with.

The need to develop the mindset of the people accepting their counterparts to be from another organization and delivering for them is the area which requires a huge focus. The acceptability factor and the belief have to be created which may work like wonders for the business.

The bigger brands especially need to create a trust in the people contributing for them, and make them realize that they are equally important, since they do have huge expectations with respect to the career opportunities within the organizations. There is a need to look upon the day-today issues faced at the client end. It’s no doubt a huge challenge standing as an intermediator between the two.

It is extremely critical to understand the psyche of the workforce contributing in this area, and efforts should be made so that it does not give rise to the state of esteemed desperation and they should in no way find themselves strangled between the two – The client and the Employer.

Probably, now that this business is here to stay, let’s make efforts to make it enjoyable and growth inclusive.