How Small Business Can Grow And Attract Customers Online Using Videos
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How Small Business Can Grow And Attract Customers Online Using Videos

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Are you a small business that is looking for ways to scale up and grow through at an accelerated rate? Then maybe it is time for you to learn how to use a video maker! That’s right. Video marketing will expand your business by leaps and bounds.

Almost all social media platforms are bustling with the video content in the form of video posts, live, stories, and streams. Hence, it is a great medium to showcase your brand and get it the recognition that it truly deserves.

Moreover, it is also getting cheaper and easier to create video content! You only need to perfect a handful of skills, such as learn how to produce videos using animation software or how to edit videos for YouTube. And you will get one of the best ways to engage with your clients!

How Small Business Can Grow And Attract Customers Online Using Videos

If you are struggling to get started, here is a quick primer on how to utilize videos for business growth:

Connect With Customers Personally

Normally, consumers already have a soft spot for small businesses. This fondness stems from the fact that people like to buy from people. Hence, you can use videos to connect with them on a deeper level.

For this purpose, you can create a legacy video that retells the story of how you started the business with your blood, toil, and sweat. Giving a face to all the people behind the business can be a great place to start. Alternatively, you can post videos that are funny, inspiring, heartwarming, motivational, educational, or simply feel-good.

You can talk about news and events that you are passionate about and present your views on the same. It adds personality and flavor to your business, thereby diverting the focus from the transactional nature to personal connection.

Simplify Selling

Do you have a product or a service that you wish to sell?

What can be a better way to grab their attention than creating a video capturing its functions, features, and specifications? Additionally, you can record a product demonstration along with all the how-to tutorials. Videos have a greater impact than a wall of text as your customers are more likely to remember the audio and visuals of a video clip.

These videos also have a greater chance of being seen and appreciated when compared to product listings or user manuals. Therefore, even if the viewer is not making a purchase, your product or brand can leave behind a lasting impression.

For better results, consider pairing your videos with actionable CTAs that nudge the viewer towards taking a desired action. Include links to your store or lead capturing form to boost the conversion rates.

Raise Awareness About Your Business

Gone are the days when the only recipe for marketing success involved allocating a massive budget to your video production. But now, cash-strapped businesses can trump the marketing efforts led by enterprises merely on the basis of their unique video concept. For the remaining logistics, there are several tools and platforms, such as Video Creek, to help businesses create high-quality, compelling videos.

In the current scenario, businesses can strike a chord with their customers by aiming for a relatable script rather than a perfect script. Videos with a dash of authenticity and creativity will not only outperform in the competition but will also gain you a wide base of loyal followers. You can expect to emerge as a household name on the one-off chance that your video goes viral!

Start With Social Media

Due to its popularity, YouTube is loaded with video content with every video trying to one-up the others. Hence, it can get easy to be lost in all the noise. To make your video marketing strategy more effective, you can start by posting your video content on platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Between both the contenders, Instagram has registered an accelerated growth, especially for small businesses. You can tap into the potential offered by Instagram’s eCommerce stories and videos. From posting behind-the-scenes content and blooper reels to hosting live Q&A sessions, you can try out anything depending on your area of expertise.

Most importantly, posting short videos daily can boost your engagement and build a strong and trustworthy connection with your followers.

Once you have gained a certain amount of traction, you can transition to broader platforms such as YouTube and so on. Cross-post your video on various platforms and make it a part of your emails, landing pages, etc.

Generate a Buzz Around Your Brand

By now, almost every business must have established an online presence. However, merely existing on the internet is not enough; it is crucial for small businesses to strengthen and increase their digital reach.

Videos are the best way to attract a large audience. Fortunately, videos offer a high degree of creative freedom to use in ways you like best. Here are a few video ideas to get you started:

  • Brand films
  • Product videos
  • Educational videos
  • Company Culture
  • 360-degrees Experience
  • Testimonials
  • Instructional videos

Each of these video types serves a different purpose. Therefore, you can hype up your brand in several ways through a perfect mix of videos. You may even rope in a few influencers to help you get the word out on your offerings.

Measure Performance and Results

Finally, all the efforts that you put into growing your business should be measurable. Therefore, even before you start creating videos, formulate a robust video marketing strategy, and define the key performance indicators (KPIs) accordingly. Typically, the KPIs are in line with the marketing goals.

For instance, if you want to get more audience to your website, you will have to check the volume of traffic visiting the website using your video link. Or, if you want to increase conversion rates, you will count the number of leads captured and the click-through-rates of the CTAs. Capture and monitor these data points closely and make changes according to the ongoing trends.

Final Thoughts

Video marketing can positively help your business grow in several ways. However, the end result depends on your marketing strategy. If you kickstart the marketing activities with a clear goal in sight and a reliable strategy, you can succeed.