12 Tips To Plan Your Next Companies Event
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12 Tips To Plan Your Next Companies Event

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Consultant at Authentic Marketing

Company events play a vital role in helping to develop corporate culture because it allows employees to come together, get to know each other, and share ideas. This type of interaction has proven to build stronger relationships within the organization that translates to better communication and innovation.

Planning such an event requires a great deal of thought and organization which is why some companies outsource this to an event management company. Making an event a success starts from the first moment, when all the ideas are put on the table. These are the most appropriate strategies and tricks to achieve success in the organization of any type of event. Whether your event is going to be live or virtual, it is important that you take the process seriously. Here are some things you should consider when planning such an event:

12 Tips To Plan Your Next Companies Event

1. Define the objective and format

It is necessary, first of all, to define the objectives of the event in the most detailed way possible. It seems pretty obvious, but it's worth formulating your goal in detail. The format of the event will depend on the concept, time and duration, the distribution of roles within the team, the design of the room, the restoration and the sound. It is good not to get stuck in traditional formats and to open your mind to innovation and creativity.

2. Plan

The plan should include the logistics, content, keynote speakers, and promotion of the event. Create a document available to the entire team, where each member can see each other's tasks and the big picture. Prepare a list of the main tasks and the specific steps to be completed. It is important that the plan indicates the schedule: the time required to complete each task.

3. Prioritize content

Apart from the place where the event takes place, what is really important are the topics that are going to be discussed and the way of exposing them, that is, the content. Good content helps you build and maintain quality leads, as well as true profitability and efficiency.

In order to attract attention, improve the experience of the attendees and leave a mark in the memory of the guests, it is necessary to provide a bonus of originality and opt for options that go a bit out of the standardized or over-seen approaches. Try to surprise people and create a "wow" effect and exceed their expectations in the most common things. This is exactly what creates the feeling of an unforgettable event.

Also, if you want to inspire and motivate your attendees, it is important to find a message or theme that they can all get behind. According to Motivation Ping, employees enjoy events that inspire and motivate them so that they feel re-charged to go back to work.

4. Find keynote and guest speakers

Your keynote speaker is going to be one of the most important decisions you make because they will reinforce your theme and help your audience understand the content you are trying to convey. It is important that you not cut corners when it comes to hiring a great keynote speaker who will be able to convey your key points.

Also, you are going to need to find a business speaker who will be able to come in and educate your audience on the key topics you will want to cover at your event. Whether you want to focus on management, leadership. sales, or marketing, you will need to find someone who is an expert on the topic you are covering.

5. Prepare your presentation

While hiring some guest speakers is important for your event to go well, you should also have someone from your organization also give a presentation. This will ensure that your core message and theme is being highlighted. While guest speakers can cover such topics, they tend to have their own perspectives. Your perspective will be critical since this is your event.

When preparing your presentation, make sure that you contact a professional design team who can ensure your slides are polished and clear. And when you write your speech, remember to begin with the end in mind first. This will help keep the rest of your speech focused so that you don't ramble and lose your audience.

6. Prepare the budget

The list of tasks must be detailed and reflected in the budget . It is also worth setting aside a portion for unforeseen expenses. Sticking to the budget is, and much more in times of crisis and cuts, not only a desirable issue, but a real necessity. To manage expenses well, it is key to take into account all the issues and factors, use specific software and, in certain cases, resort to external advice.

7. Use technology

Today the technology applied to events is highly developed. The possibilities are unlimited: audiovisual, virtual reality, mapping, etc. All of this can contribute to achieving truly spectacular results, both in the creation and dissemination of content and in aesthetics. All these techniques provide a wide range of original and imaginative proposals and new formats.

8. Check the location

You always have to check in person the place where the event is going to be held and anticipate that, in case something unexpected happens, we have a plan B to celebrate the event. Possible unforeseen events must be taken into account and an alternative space available for organizing the event.

9. Assign responsibilities

It is very important to distribute the tasks among the team members, not only in the preparation stage but also during the event; It is convenient to distribute the responsibilities by zones and give each team member a document with the assigned tasks, so that each person knows who to contact for a specific problem.

10. Communicate the event

Not only is the event itself important, but a constant flow of communication must be generated before, during and after the event. Making sure that your employees not only know about the event, but the intention and focus behind it will also play a key factor in its success.

11. Request feedback

Once the event is held, it is important to get feedback from the participants. This can be done after the celebration through a survey or form, where aspects such as logistics, speakers, locations, experiences and the work of the organizers are evaluated. This information helps avoid mistakes and improve the quality of future events.

12. Use specialized companies

The complexity of certain events makes it highly recommended to resort to specialized companies. In this way, you gain in quality, originality, control of the final budget and optimization of resources.

Whatever event is being organized, the main advice is to keep a positive attitude and open to creativity and surprises. With this, there is already a good chance that the event will be a success.