Corrosive Gaffes Galore
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Corrosive gaffes galore

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Corrosive gaffes galore

The ink had hardly dried on my last blog “ Epic in replay”  detailing Sonia Gandhi’s musing while symbolically  aiming the arrow  bringing to an end of the mighty Ravana at Ramlila grounds during Dasserah and my lamentation of the fact that   her knowledge of Ramayana ended with  Ravana’s end and not beyond. Had she some ideas on how Rama ruled  and  how, as becoming of a just  emperor, he banished Sita on a mere allegation of suspicion on her chastity, she might have raised  at least a voice of protest, respecting  Lord Ram’s sense of righteousness,  against  unbridled corruption under her dispensation. Perhaps it is too much to expect  it from an alien, when even full blooded Indians themselves  are out to cast abuses  on our gods and religious leaders held by us in reverence. Such people might have existed before also in the country. Is not the destruction of the Indian way of life and culture  due to such pernicious elements midst us? It is not the superior armed strength of foreign invaders of the past  that made this country  suffer  slavery for centuries. It is our own denigration of our values that did us in. The story is not different today. Many such bad elements are having a free run  in this country in the garb of  leaders of various political parties.

We have the recent case of Gadkari (G) of BJP  equating Swami Vivekananda with Dawood Ibrahim(DI) on the basis of their  superior equal IQ. Only a devious and degraded brain can  equate a person who lighted  the moral fire in the youth of this country to help them grow and behave as  men throughout life  with one who is  a scum of the society  turning vigorous youth to impotent eunuchs incapable of thinking right  and be ready to unleash terror on the orders of the   mad and depraved. Mr G had a shameful explanation to offer. He said it was on the basis of IQ. I am ashamed that the country  has accepted his explanation from the way this episode remains obliterated in the media.  I have not found  even a single letter to the letters to the editor  of the few newspapers I read. How can one compare a superior IQ of Vivekananda   resulting  in production of an immortal and creative work with  an inferior IQ resulting in no work but destruction. Can 100 and 0  anytime  be equal?  Mr. G,  who cannot make any distinction between O and 100 can better compare himself with DI . Some of his own alleged financial irregularities seem to have a similar destructive complexion  injurious to the welfare of the society.

There is another case of a mortal Ram desecrating the immortal one.  In the former’s scale, the latter  is a poor husband. How can Lord Ram disown his wife, that is his question. Unlike G, this  mortal Ram has a superior IQ and  can recognize frauds. I fully agree with him when he said in a TV interview, that Rahul,  the Yuvraj of the country  is illiterate. He seems to be in favor of Mr   Modi as future PM. It makes me wonder  how a brilliant lawyer with a superior IQ and who had  saved  quite a few crooks  from certain  life- long incarceration or from a  choking end at the  end of a   noose.would  be so foolish to hit the IQ level of a  G or DI. His statement regarding Lord ram is nothing less than blasphemy and  deserves a fitting chastisement. The man’s senility cannot extenuate this serious offense against the sentiments of Hindus.

Yesterday I heard Mr Digvijay Singh (D) making a comparison  of  the irritant Kejrival(K) with the inimitable Rakhi Sawant. According to him  both uncover, but  expose nothing. With regard to K  I must say that he has uncovered  enough and what he has exposed is ugliness at its nadir of Indian politicians, hypocrites all, who deserve to be hanged expeditiously for the good of the nation. It needs the possession of a high level of IQ to discern ugliness on its very sprouting. That D could not sense ugliness at its worst places him in the company of DI or G with moronic IQ. D seems to be deficient in IQ but also seems to  suffer very poor eyesight. To say that Rakhi sawant when she uncovers  exposes nothing is a sure proof of almost blind eyes. D must change his glasses for one with thick lenses to enjoy the bounties of her exposure for the sight of which millions of  viewers with higher testosterone levels and 6/6 vision sit glued to the TV. Rakhi has plans she says to file an FIR against D  for the  malicious propagation of mal information casting aspersions on her publicly well acclaimed   physical endowments. Hopefully  Rakhi's plaint  can set old  D's eyes and brain in order.

Dr T N Vasudevan.





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