God Save The Country
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God Save The Country

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God save the country!

Yesterday TV channels were busy covering the return of Rahul. after seventy days as a missing person he turned up in the capital.What I saw in the TV was a sulking Rahul  sitting in the front seat of his car bent down looking at  his mobile or i-pad refusing to look at  the public outside, both the spectators and the media.  His manners were in total variance with the congressman’s claim of  a rejuvenated  and enlightened and spirited leader returning home.  Shifting eyes, eyes staring nowhere and a body language of a sulk definitely are not  manly signs of a leader. Yet congressmen in past few weeks has been shouting a proxy “Veni, Vidi, Vici” for their errant and erratic no.2 of their party. Veni, Vidi, Vici is a Latin expression ( I came,I saw ,I conquered) used by Caesar to announce his return to Rome after a successful campaign to vanquish his enemies. To use this expression to Rahul who has no likeness of Caesar is an insult to leadership.   The public here , his voters in particular, were asking him where he came from, what did he see and what has he conquered. Answer - A heavy silence. Sixty years of congress rule  could have enabled him  to go and come anywhere he likes in chartered flights. With lowered looks as displayed by him on his arrival yesterday it is highly unlikely he has seen anything and if at all he has seen anything it is alleged by his own party men that he lacks  the mental ability to comprehend. As for conquering, Rahul can be best described as a “ thumping loser”. Yet this man is to be crowned first as president of the great congress party and later perhaps as a potential Cesar to lead us to shower the country with  glory. God save the country!


Dr T N Vasudevan