Sachin, A Mere Rajya Sabha Member!
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editricon Sachin, a mere Rajya Sabha member!

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Sachin, a mere Rajya Sabha member!

Tendulkar is a youth icon of the country. By his performance in his sphere of his activity, he has reached a level that none is likely the world over  to beat his envious record and outshine him. Considering that only  a dozen countries of the world are engaged in pursuit of cricket, the number likely to threaten his exalted position is to that extent less. He has made a ton of tons. Now the country is eagerly awaiting his 200 th test appearance. His records are impeccable and this  will grow in number every time he enters the cricket pitch. His vigor and vitality has netted him sponsorships worth crores, not earned by many, except perhaps by  some of the Bollywood  tribe in the country. There was a time, not long back,  the country was almost ready to drop a Bharat Rathna into his pocket. Hockey snatched it instead. Was it not unfair to  bypass him just because he took more than a year to reach from ninetynine to  hundred. Now that he has accomplished this, though against Bangladesh , the midgets of cricket, it seems one has forgiven this delay by the champion  The nation is now  trying its  best to  make amends for its faux pas  and is making efforts to nominate  him a member of the Rajya Sabha. There is every likelihood that he will become one. How  unbecoming of this nation to snatch a golden spoon and replace it with a wooden one  and to say he deserves it for his performance. I heard one MP  with a Bollywood past calling Sachin gold, bold and beautiful, adding lustre to RS. National parties of all colors are talking in the same vein regarding his  entry into the RS. Are we not undervaluing  his mighty contributions?. He deserves to be the president of the country. What does he lack  to occupy this highest office in the country?. Apart from  individual brilliance in his specialty, he has other qualifications. which none of the earlier presidents possessed. I do not know whether any of the earlier ones had any brush with the armed forces before occupying the president’s seat. Sachin has an honorary rank  in the armed forces. Is it not a valuable  additional qualification  for  the supreme commander of the defense forces of the country  while discussing serious defense matters with the chiefs of the various wings of  armed forces. He can  give valuable tips to even the veterans in the army regarding tactics. As a cricket captain he is very much  used to deploying his team for the best results. He knows the pitch well. Is batting different from defense and bowling different from offence.? Is a yorker different from  a booming Bofors and a googly different from silently  sticking a knife  into the belly of the opponents to bring about their complete annihilation?. In what way, tactics in defense different from tactics needed to win an India Pakistan test match?. He can definitely add a cutting edge to our present  slightly demoralized  army. I don’t think any of the earlier presidents had this  ability.

The multiplication and management of the millions he has earned would have by this time made him  a little wizard in financial matters’ His advice could be very valuable for any finance minister struggling to balance the country’s budget.

His extensive travels would have given him a good idea of the world and so unlike a foreign minister not so sure of  geography, Sachin  is not likely to make embarrassing gaffes  when dealing with the outside world. His natural charm and coolness can add weightage to our diplomatic dealings.

His popularity in the country is extensive. Right from the urchins playing street cricket to  old senior citizens  sitting in front of TV and  clapping  every cricketing shot of his,. everyone knows Sachin. Can such a loved one fail to quench the heat of any mob in the country with their own demands. Even the naxalites would lay down their arms and return to ways of peace. Such is his magnetic personality. Our present home minister would like to have him by his side.

Further, he can command more  respect from both the houses ,LS and RS, since he will be in the company of  quite a few fellow cricketers  and Bollywood actors who are lovers of cricket and eager to put their money into cricket  as a safeguard against their  inevitable rainy days of age. Just for his presence, who knows, one may witness a less riotous RS and LS  in future

Considering his  overall accomplishments, a record by itself, it will be against the interests of the country  not to elevate him to the highest post falling soon vacant and derive  maximum benefits from his vast experience , not just for five years,  but considering his age,  for more terms.

This gem deserves to be set in platinum. Let its brilliance not be sullied by setting it in the confines of baser metals.

Dr T N Vasudevan