No More Missing Nominates Sandeep Marwah As Chief Patron
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No More Missing Nominates Sandeep Marwah As Chief Patron

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Ghaziabad: “Every campaign needs enthusiastic and devoted people to take the matter to the next level. Who can be better than Sandeep Marwah President Marwah Studio to help and promote our campaign of No More Missing,” said Vandana Guliya a renowned journalist and social worker from Ghaziabad nominating Marwah as Chief Patron of the organization.
NO MORE MISSING campaign was launched in India in July 2015. The mission of this campaign is to appeal and educate people against immediate threat of child trafficking.
“It is a social campaign to help find missing children, targeting the children who have been trafficked and pushed into begging and child labor rackets. We intend to make a database of lakhs of children who are made to beg and work as laborers by traffickers, and help them reunite with their families,” said Sandeep Marwah accepting the Patron ship.

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