7 Tips To Choosing Trusted Whole Sale Dropshippers For Your Ecommerce Business
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7 Tips to Choosing Trusted Whole sale Dropshippers for Your Ecommerce Business

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You’ve gathered a long list of potential wholesale drop-shippers, but, there’s one teeny-weeny issue you’ve got – you’re confused about which dropshippers to sign up with. One of the challenges of running a drop-shipping ecommerce store is sourcing trustworthy and quality dropshipping wholesalers. Without a reliable dropshipper, you’re bound to run into serious difficulties with order fulfillment.

To help you navigate through the task of vetting and settling for dropshippers, here’re 7 critical questions you must ask each of the wholesaler till you find those that best fit your needs.

7 questions to ask every dropshipper

How do you handle returns: Let’s face it, some of your customers wouldn’t be happy with the products they get for whatever reason – that’s just a fact of the trade. Preparing in advance how to handle returned products keeps you organized and minimizes the stress for you. But how do you prepare? By asking your prospective whole dropshippers what their return policies are – the information helps you align your own return policy with theirs.

How long does it take an order to be fulfilled: Now you would want to know just how long it takes your orders to be shipped. This will go a long way in how you manage your customer’s expectations. You can even go a step further by ordering from the wholesalers yourself –just to be sure of what to expect.

Do you provide order tracking numbers: Your customers will ask of it – so it’s better you make sure your wholesale drop-shipper also provides it. You don’t want to be caught pants down when your customers request for tracking number of their orders and you found out your drop-shipper doesn’t offer it.

What shipping method do you use: This question is important for consistence sake. Telling your customers you ship say, using UPS without checking with your supplier whether it’s the same with them could lead to a possible confusion.

Is your process automated: asking this question gives you a glimpse of how things would be with this supplier. It also helps you plan on how to update your product listings. For instance, asking whether they offer inventory feed: an answer to this question would mean whether you’ll spend a ton of time updating your store manually or have free time to focus on other things while the products are automatically updated whenever they make changes to their system.

Do you sell to the general public: This should be one of the top pre-vetting questions you ask. A wholesale drop-shipper does not sell to the public. If their answer to this question is yes – just move on to the next supplier on the list. It’s a quick way of sieving out the ‘fake’ suppliers.

Do you charge a monthly subscription fee: another pre-vetting question to weed out ‘fake’ suppliers. A genuine wholesaler wouldn’t charge you a monthly fee just to do business with you. Walk out if their answer is yes – they’re probably another retailer.

Final thoughts

As suppliers play important role in whether your drop-ship business succeeds or fails; it’s important to deeply scrutinize prospective suppliers before signing up with them. These 7 critical questions will get on your way.