3 Reasons Brilliant Digital Marketing Is A Bit Like Hip-Hop
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3 reasons brilliant digital marketing is a bit like hip-hop

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When Biggie Smalls moaned about ‘mo money, mo problems’ back in 1997, he can’t have been talking about digital marketing – while the best brands are concerned with wider issues than cold, hard cash, in many ways, effective marketing is all about the Benjamins.

3 reasons brilliant digital marketing is a bit like hip-hop

But in a more fundamental sense, digital marketing and hip-hop are closely aligned in their philosophy and creative applications – in simple terms, they both capitalize on emerging technologies to bring information that might otherwise have remained hidden to the masses.

So whether you’re a fan of the Wu-Tang Clan or can’t get enough of Dr Dre or Snoop Dogg, you might be interested in other ways this reasonably new industry sings from the same streetwise hymnbook as the rap game.

In which case, the following 3 reasons brilliant digital marketing is a bit like hip-hop will be bass-heavy music to your ears.

1. Navigating algorithms is like riding a beat

Hip-hop emcees blend innate intelligence with learned lyricism and terrific timing to ride beats and spit bars beautifully – just wrap your ears around this brilliant Blackalicious track to hear what we mean.

Similarly, an adept SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) expert will take Google algorithm changes in their stride, because they’ve got the technical skills necessary to tweak website content and structure so that rankings are maintained and business proceeds as smoothly as possible.

So excellent emcees and SEOs both make something terrifically tricky look like child’s play.

2. Social media audiences are like hip-hop tribes

While there’s never been a beef between Instagram and Facebook followers as deadly as the feud between West Coast and East coast rappers in the 1990s, different social media platforms attract diverse audiences. Therefore, it’s crucial to focus on the social sites where your target audience spends time and follow the conversational conventions of these channels.

It’s unlikely that Kendrick Lamar would choose to stroll into Queensbridge to throw shade at Nas – so likewise, you’re putting your brand reputation in danger if you converse with Snapchat followers in the same way as you would B2B customers on LinkedIn.

Just like an experienced rapper, a savvy marketer knows how to adapt their approach for different tribes – read this Smart Insights guide on customizing content for social media platforms for more info.

3. Content and rap rely on storytelling

Dr Dre’s The Chronic and The Wu-Tang Clan’s Enter the 36 Chambers are two of the most seminal hip-hop albums of all time.

And arguably the main reason that they transcended hip-hop to enter the wider collective cultural consciousness is because they’re powered by classic storytelling structures – you don’t need to have grown up in LA or New York to identify with the protagonists and antagonists or be hooked by the inciting incidents in each track.

So by partnering with a content agency like Maratopia, you can use stories to humanize your brand, forge deep connections with customers and convince them that your products and services will help them live happily ever after.

That’s our list! Share your own digital marketing tips in the comments section.