Ways To Overcome An Impending Mental Health Epidemic In India As Is The Case In America
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Ways to Overcome an Impending Mental Health Epidemic in India as is the Case in America

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Do you know that over 50 million people in India suffer severe mental health both anxiety and depression disorders? The report released by the World Health Organization (WHO) shows that this number is increasing daily due to mental agony.

Remember, many Indians awhy only 10-12% of the peopleren’t solving the issue; instead, they’re giving unsupportive opinions. Some of the attitudes (from a survey taken by The Live Love Laugh Foundation) which make the nation continue to struggle with mental illness include:

Ways to Overcome an Impending Mental Health Epidemic in India as is the Case in America

The majority (about 60% of respondents) concluded that those with mental disorders should stay away from the healthy ones. Also, they should form their own groups to avoid infecting others.
* Similarly, 46% of respondents said that every individual should stay in a safe place away from those depressed.
* Another group that is 68% agreed that mentally unhealthy people as they stay away from others. They should also not receive any country’s obligation.
* Additionally, they decided that those with mental health risks are known to be aggressive.
* Beyond that, women who had ever experienced mental illness before cannot be allowed to babysit. The survey by the TLLLF showed that those agreed with this thought are 49%.
* Another group (60%) agreed that self-discipline and self-control are among the significant reasons for mental disease.
* 41% of respondents worried to think that mental illness people live in their state. * Finally, 41% agreed that healthy people should avoid talking or sitting to those with mental troubles since it can lead to worsening of mental health.

The bad news is that professional help in India is not up to par. This contributes to why only 10-12% of the people who suffer from depression (for example) in India go and get help. Yes, you read that right. This means roughly 90% of the people living with depression don’t get professional support. There is a solution for these people while they wait for the Indian government to make changes, which can take a while. Those who would like to move forward by overcoming their mental health illness can visit U.S. based e-therapy companies for convenient and affordable therapy. Meanwhile, the citizens of India and the government at large should come up with the following agendas to overcome the mental illness epidemic.

Measures and treatments of mental illness
1. Increase the number of mental health workers

Can you imagine that India has 3,500 psychiatrists whereas it really needs over 11,000? This is the case in India. Do you see the issue? Therefore, to avoid or reduce the mental health crisis,the government should increase the amount of mental health professionals in the country. The experts should include psychiatrists, psychologists, and doctors.

2. Do away with stigmatization

The fact is, most Indians believe that mental illness is taboo. While that’s the case in America too, it’s much worse in Indian culture. And that’s why you see the numbers growing when it comes to people who suffer from mental illness. They simply aren’t receiving the appropriate treatment due to this stigma living in their culture. For that reason, it’s advisable to both citizens and the government to break the stigma of mental health.

3. Provide quality treatment

The government should provide quality treatment and care for any mental health crisis. Interestingly, a healthcare law passed by the parliament allowed all those who have mental illness to have better access to affordable and convenient mental health resources. Meaning, this major problem should come to an end relatively soon.

Final thoughts

It’s essential for people living in India and their government to overcome the mental health problems they are facing, which right now looks to be unavoidable. Also, everyone should love and encourage the other to break the stigma culture and embrace mental health treatment. Additionally, the country should increase the professionals to deal with this disorder fully. Doing this will go a long way in reversing the damage mental health has done to the country.