Top Four IPhone Apps And Accessories
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Top Four iPhone Apps and Accessories

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Now if you want to download a few apps for your iPhone and don’t know which one to choose, here are my recommendations-four apps and accessories that can let you make the most of your iPhone.

Top Four: iPhone 5 Case

This is not cases for iPhone 5 produced by other manufacturers but Apple. It’s not usually for Apple to publicity accessories on Apple online store, they generally can’t occupy much pages, but guess what, it’s happening now. Apple recently is promoting iPhone 5 cases mightily. No matter if they are old products or just produced by Apple, or just Apple’s promotion ways in holiday, the users of iPhone 5 have increased a lot, and what they need most right now is a beautiful case for iPhone 5. So if you want a unique iPhone 5 case, Apple online store is a very good choice.

Top Three: Battery

In most situations, the battery of iPhone is not enough to use, so what would you do? That’s why here I am to introduce this app-Battery, which can extend the battery life of iPhone. The app can show you the duration of the battery, and tell you which way is the best to deal with different tasks, like it can estimate how much time for you to make 2G/3G call. Moreover, it will remind you to close the Wi-Fi when you don’t need them or adjust the screen luminance to extend the battery life.

Top Two: iPhone Backup Extractor

This is not an app for you to install in iPhone but desktop software. It can help you restore files in your iPhone. For example, if your iPhone breaks, it’s a big loss for you that can’t get the contents back which cost a lot of money. But with the third-party software, we can get them back, and that’s what iPhone backup extractor does. If you get an iPad, here is iPad data recovery software for you too.

Top One: Auxo

Auxo, an amazing Cydia tweak and it’s not exaggerated to say it’s the best Cydia tweak this year. Auxo brings app switcher redesign to a new level, and it replaces the normal multitasking dock icons with versatile app cards, so let’s see it’s the big New Year gift brought by the developer, Kyle Howells. When launching in Cydia, this app caused a lot of sensation, but it only could support iOS 6 so iOS 5 users couldn’t use it. Now the good news is based on developer’s hard work, it also can support iOS 5 devices. The developer also promises to release the iPad version very soon.

Also you can enjoy more songs and movie on your iPhone except for these apps and use iCould transfer to transfer items in iPhone to any other Apple device. Anyway, enjoy and Happy New Year!

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