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Our World, according to the present scenario, is on the brink of numerous trials and tribulations. A var ...more>>
A good leader has the potential to address any challenge that may pose to him with the right strategy an ...more>>
Creator economy is not a buzzword, it is neither a fad. It is something that has given a major thrust to ...more>>
As I have decided to publish a series of articles to explain significance of website in modren business ...more>>
Process by which an idea or invention is translated into a good or service for which people will pay. To ...more>>
It is believed that organizational culture change provides meaning, direction and clarity that will make ...more>>
As an employee in IT and as an engineer by profession I always wanted to start something of my own. As f ...more>>
“  A killer business plan does not guarantee funding but definitely inc ...more>>
 And So the King of Good Times came to an end! I find it amusing that a man who can spend his money o ...more>>
The Value of Sales Expertise Until a sale is made - Nothing happens! You need salespeople and ...more>>
EmployabilityA developing country like India where around 10% is the unemployment rate, more then half of i ...more>>
When work is virtual, Why should physical presence be insisted upon???? This topic is generating a lot of ...more>>
Having read a lot about Steve Job’s Biography I pre-ordered the copy of “Steve Jobs" by Walter ...more>>
Each of us grows up learning 3 value systems - Personal values, Family values & Society values, but as ...more>>
How To Start Taking Action? Not everybody is made the same way. There are some who are born thinker ...more>>
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