When Work Is Virtual, Why Should Physical Presence Be Insisted Upon????
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When work is virtual, Why should physical presence be insisted upon????

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When work is virtual, Why should physical presence be insisted upon????

This topic is generating a lot of interest & debate among the professionals all over the world. This article when published first raised a number of issues.My professional friends provided valuable insights. it was a great learning experience for me.Quite naturally I am expecting more valuable & quality insights from my friends. 

"In this fast moving and fast growing jet age, everything including technology, thinking, people, processes, and policies have changed to more dynamic pattern. Yet one thing that hasn't changed and refuses to change is the rigid workplace of the last century. It is amazing in the digital age that most work is still associated with industrial age work rhythms and the symbolic chains that tie workers, knowledgeable and otherwise, to fixed locations. " 

Do you think, implementation of work from home, or more flexible work timings would result in better quality work,or better quality executives, specially women who often leave jobs to take of their family responsibilities??? 

Please read the article and give your valuable inputs.