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Last few months have been turbulent for our Planning commission. Its celebrated Deputy Chairman Dr.Montek S ...more>>
abercrombie saleISLAMABAD — Pakistani officials on Monday condemned the U.S. for carrying out its ...more>>
Overview Thanks to the significant rise in the cloud technology, the global cloud project portfoli ...more>>
As a corollary to this question, one could also ask: When was the last time an Asian held the post of FIH ( ...more>>
“  A killer business plan does not guarantee funding but definitely inc ...more>>
A catchy title that - i hope- will prime the web surfers to at least have a look into this blog. However ...more>>
Whatever, wherever and whichever scams, fires and wrong happenings are focused in our country public dis ...more>>
Each of us grows up learning 3 value systems - Personal values, Family values & Society values, but as ...more>>
Mobile apps are the solution for every daily routine task. Right from ordering food to calling a cab, an ...more>>
Possibly one of the worst fears that daunt international students as they pack their suitcases to go to ...more>>
  As the datacenters become more and more essential to enterprise applications, there&rsqu ...more>>
Many owners of small to medium sized organizations often say that they have to visit the organization ev ...more>>
According to foreign media reports, the most exciting innovation launched by Watch Taptic is the Apple e ...more>>
A dental implant known as an endosseous implant or fixture. It is a surgical co ...more>>
  काले धन को लेकर सियायत गर्माती जा रही ...more>>
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