RATIO Of 100% In Each INDIVIDUAL Life Every SINGLE Day To Do Something For SOCIETY
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editricon RATIO of 100% in each INDIVIDUAL life every SINGLE day to do something for SOCIETY

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Each of us grows up learning 3 value systems - Personal values, Family values & Society values, but as life moves on we remain more concentrated towards only personal & family values; somewhere we forget how fortunate and privileged we are among so many unfortunate and childrens who could not get their basis necessities of life

We always negotiate with ourselves someday, once I have completed all my responsibility may be I will do something for Society and that someday never comes in life as from childhood studies - then job - foreign trip -bank account balance - followed by marriage & family-- how to make child settle down - retirement planning and list continues till death

Quickly realized, every Single day, will be able to do justice to my personal values, family values and same time also have time for Society or Bigger cause of life.

Came with the formula – and in a given day of 24 hours of the present moment I need to allocate each of the 3 a ratio of time say out of 100% -(40 -30-30)% - and have never a regret that one day went and I could not do anything for one value system. May be the ratio can vary from 40 – 40 -20 or 10 % - but the big message is everyday need to allocate something for society as each of us are so privileged and fortunate to be part of 20% Indians

Let’s accept that there is NEVER be a PERFECT situation of life as then the biggest storm or darkness will come – so I always pray to God give me some pains, some suffering, some happiness and some character and strength to do something for the bigger Goal of Society, also that’s the cycle of nature there is a morning, sunshine, evening and night.

Nobody can only desire to have morning and sunshine. God has given us each of us some evening and night and in that hour we need to light the lamp of our inside heart to shower sunshine not only on us but also on others. so that even after our death we will be still alive

What are Your thoughts on take on this ?

Regards - Satya

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