Practical Book For Today'S Engineers, MBAs To Be Tomorrow'S Head Of The Company
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Practical Book for Today's Engineers, MBAs to be Tomorrow's Head of the Company

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Today with the flood of Engineering and MBA colleges getting an IT jobs placements have become the fashion, Graduates are very enthusiastic in the first year of joining the company. But as they complete say duration of 1-2 years or 3-5 years or 7-9 years or even 10-15 years; 90-95% of these Professionals start to question themselves as the year progresses and get bit directionless, is this Technical or Coding or Support or Patch work or Project Management they will be doing in all their Career life of 60 years. Even if they are change in position from a Software Engineer to Senior Software Engineer or Technical Lead and Project Manager even, they fail to understand the whole Integrated Business model of an IT company from Strategic Consulting, Business Consulting, Due Diligence, Presales Consulting, Business Analyst, and Thought Leadership among few.

Many of the IT/Non IT/MBA professionals as the career progress dream of getting a Business Analyst role or Presales or Business Consulting role which will take them up the value chain cycle. But not many have the Risk taking ability to take the plunge to do a full time MBA, and even if few of them do a MBA degree they lack the holistic view of the end to end business and process flow of IT Business model both at Strategic and Tactical level. Some of them opt for onsite opportunities while others who would have crossed 15 to 20 years or more thinks of Retirement from this monotonous and repeated work in life due to lack of Direction and Roadmap in IT.

“Practical Book for Today's Engineers, MBAs to be Tomorrow’s Head of the Company” will give you all the Tools and mechanism to gain the Business, Techno-Functional and Strategic perspective and move from just a Developer to move towards higher roles in the Organization with or without an MBA degree.

Bottomline - Spreading the word of Knowledge in Society to create 100 or 1000 more Entrepreneurs in form of Intrapreneurs in coming days in INDIA & across Globe

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