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Chirag Patel
Modern CAD resources such as AutoCAD, Microstation, Tekla and Revit has changed the way technicians prepare documents and drawings for any given project.
These general guidelines for coding style can form the basis of a set of standards that will help ensure that all developers in a project.


Ego and ambition do they have any relationship between them.
As usual, I tried to instantly relate...
Making error in judgment is not uncommon in corporate


Success Accelerator For Entrepreneurs
Here's the take at success hindering factors and how these can be overcome with. .


Biltu Dutta
Tens of hundred times we heard our parents saying that "A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned", but is this the real way to earn or make money?
Wondering about extra charges levied by lenders? Yes, most loan, credit cards and mortgage lenders trick borrowers into paying excess money through hi


James Harry
Every business organization works out strategies that can help it achieve new goals in life. The present market is software driven and majority of companies make use of software for some or
Considering the uncertain market conditions ahead, companies are altering hiring patterns with increasing emphasis on just-in-time recruitment.

New India

When we became independent Gandhi proposed development based
Treasure those near us to be near those
Arvind Kejriwal reached Ahmedabad