The Cornerstone Of Creator Economy
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The cornerstone of Creator Economy

Lead Content Developer, InfoBeans

Creator economy is not a buzzword, it is neither a fad. It is something that has given a major thrust to digital transformation and seems to be invincible. 

What's a creator economy and who is a creator?

The simple answer is all of us. Remember your grandmother sewing a sweater for you or your mother preparing mouth-watering dishes for you, when you were small. Weren’t they creators?

Of course, they were.

Then what does ‘Creator’ mean today and how it is different from its conventional meaning?

In today’s context,  when we talk of creators, it means creators on the internet. The latest tech platforms and gadgets have enabled everyone to create content and get paid for it.  When you showcase a dance video, that means you have created entertainment,  and when you display a skill online, you have created education, so on and so forth.   

Content has become a game changer; Netflix or Quora, Instagram or Tumblr, all tech platforms are making money big time by producing unique content that captivates the visitor. Understanding what the creator does, the answer is fairly easy;  creators does what they love to do even 15 years ago where they had a very low possibility of making a livelihood out of it, but today, the creator economy is changing, doing what you love comes with a high probability of making a livelihood out of it. 

Creator economy and digital transformation

To me , here's what happens in the perfect creator economy- there are only three stakeholders, the creator, the audience and the tech platform on which they're interacting with each other. The creator is free to create content that they are passionate about, the audience gets access to amazing authentic content from a creator they trust and the tech platform not only enables this but also creates an ecosystem to allow the creator to generate content and monetize their content through subscriptions, donations or social commerce.

Here, digital transformation comes into play, because we're now moving towards a digital world where anyone can get paid for their skill and talent.

 Are you a creator or do you want to become one?

Then you are already half way through, as the most important thing is to be passionate about creating the type of content you love. Now, let us also understand the various benefits you get when you become a creator and an integral part of the booming creator economy

It allows everyone to create, from a kid to an old-age, anyone can create and showcase their talent to the world.

You can create content everyday without worrying about how to scale it, it will be taken care of by your digital enabler.

It unlocks creative potential and unleashes raw creativity in humans, in you in me and in every single person who wants to express something on the Internet It breaks barriers of entry as it democratizes not only content creation but also content distribution 

But, it isn't as easy as it sounds, getting an audience and building a community is a process, you have to be consistent - you build, you build and you build, then, you give, you give, you give and then finally you monetize.

In the next few years, content creation and the creator economy needs to be encouraged, needs to be celebrated and  needs to be cherished. Turning your passion into a profession and earning a livelihood from it is a source of great fulfillment and the creator economy enables that. If all of us support the creator economy, more people will make more money doing more of what they are good at.