Career Transition To Salesforce CRM
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Career transition to Salesforce CRM

Manager at CRS Info Solutions
Things you need to consider starting your journey into the Salesforce job market.

Everyone starts thinking about a career change at some point. It may happen because your priorities change and you look for another work atmosphere. It can result from your growth ambitions and search for more lucrative professional opportunities. Or simply because you feel that you need a change in your life and finding a more rewarding and perspective profession is one of the essential steps in this journey.

Any way you look at it, starting a career at Salesforce and especially becoming a Salesforce Amin is one of the opportunities that has already helped thousands of professionals from different fields discover new horizons, find applications for their experience and skills, and learn new ones while entering the most lucrative modern job market.

Whether you are already considering a career transition to Salesforce or may still be hesitant about whether it is a realistic possibility in your case, continue reading. You will learn about the benefits and possible pitfalls of such decisions, skills, and knowledge you need to become a successful Salesforce Admin and Salesforce training institutes where you can get thorough guidance to start building your career in Salesforce.

Why do people want to become Salesforce Admins?

In fact, there are 2 so-called entry positions to Salesforce: Salesforce Admin and Salesforce Developer. Both are the essential stages for those who want to enter the Salesforce professional community. However, they are a bit different and require different skills and knowledge to get started.

Unlike Salesforce Developer, Salesforce Admin is one of those jobs that allows you to enter the lucrative and prospective IT industry even if you don't have any professional or academic background in exact computer science, coding, app development, etc.

Salesforce Admin is a person who organizes the CRM processes, being the connecting link with the Salesforce client (the business) and technical personnel. In other words, Salesforce Admin is a person who transcribes and passes the needs and requirements of a company that adopts Salesforce CRM solutions and then helps the business adopt and get the most out of the CRM tools and products Salesforce has to offer.

So, from the very beginning, you understand that to become a Salesforce Admin, you need to have pretty strong problem-solving and analyzing as well as communicative skills. That way, you will be able to understand and summarise customers' needs thoroughly and pass this information on to the technical personnel of Salesforce. At the same time, a detail-oriented approach and a high level of self-organization will be essential when you will need to integrate the Salesforce solutions you receive into the everyday operation of your customer.

What kind of Salesforce Admin are you going to be?

For many people, it is a pretty confusing question as they are used to the idea that an IT professional is a person with more or less the same arsenal of skills, knowledge, and approach no matter where and who they are working for.

However, we have already mentioned that Salesforce Admin is a pretty unique position that can vary greatly depending on lots of factors. It is also good news because, in this case, you can actually choose what kind of Salesforce Admin you are willing to be and develop your unique style.

Here are the most common scenarios for Salesforce Admins` careers today:

  • Startups, innovative funds, and non-profit organizations – working as a Salesforce Admin for such businesses and organizations is a great opportunity for those who are actually looking for a dynamic career change, getting in touch with the creative community, and a chance to stay at the origins of innovative ideas and trends. YourYour career, in this case, may develop rapidly, offering new opportunities and perspectives. However, it can also be a high-risk taking as such projects may have a significantly short lifespan;
  • Big, well-established companies – it is the best choice for those who are looking for a more stable career path and traditional work environment. Becoming a Salesforce Admin for a big enterprise will carry much fewer risks in your career transition, but at the same time, you need to be prepared for the fact that your career growth with be much slower due to a bigger team and, therefore, higher competiton inside the company itself.

Another thing to consider is whether you are planning to work strictly as a Salesforce Admin or have wider ambitions that may require additional training and learning more about the technical aspect of Salesforce. 

In the first case, you can count on steady career growth and a high level of expertise, the possibility to work with big teams and companies, but a much narrower space for maneuvering in case you decide to take the next step in your Salesforce career.

Discovering new Salesforce training options and Salesforce Certifications, learning more about the work of a Salesforce Developer, and studying other technical skills applicable in Salesforce, you become a more versatile expert that may need more time to feel entirely confident with their skills and abilities, but at the same time can expect higher salaries and wider job opportunities for more dynamic career growth.

Salesforce training opportunities for Salesforce Admins, and not only.

Although Salesforce is a relatively young job market and career path, it already has a set of requirements and skills every professional needs to acquire before applying for their first Salesforce job.

That is why there are lots of online and in-class Salesforce training options today for professionals and beginners of all levels.

If you are just discovering the world of Salesforce, its opportunities, and its perspectives, you may want to start by exploring Salesforce courses that you can find on one of the famous online training platforms, such as Coursera or Udemy. Here you will find brief video courses from speakers worldwide at affordable prices that will allow you have a better understanding of what Salesforce is and whether it is a suitable career choice for you. LinkedIn, the famous professional social media, also offers brief online training material on Salesforce, which will be automatically marketed in your online resume after completion.

Simplilearn, ONLC, and Trailhead are the platforms for Salesforce professionals who have already started their careers and are looking for a connection with the international professional ecosystem, Salesforce is so famous for today.

Mind Majix, Intellipaat, and Janbask are mainly popular among seasoned Salesforce professionals who are either training for their Salesforce Certification or looking for the most convenient focused Salesforce training on a tight schedule.

In case you want to get thorough Salesforce, training and approach your first Salesforce Job as a competitive candidate with an impressive portfolio and confidence, it is best to invest in a course from a well-established Salesforce training institute like CRS Info Solutions. One of the pioneers of Salesforce education, CRS Info Solutions is famous worldwide for its outstanding faculty that consists of practicing certified Salesforce professionals from different fields and a unique curriculum that involves regular practical assignments from real businesses in India and worldwide. 

Empowered with special training for Salesforce Certification and additional preparation for Salesforce Job Interviews, it is one of the most comprehensive and efficient Salesforce training programs that guarantee you a smooth and successful transition to the Salesforce job market.

Becoming a Salesforce Admin is your chance to enter the most lucrative career path with lots of professional and financial perspectives, learning and collaboration opportunities, and an innovative ecosystem that shaped a tight-knit community of like-minded professionals from all over the world.

Soberly assessing your current skills and experience and discovering the best Salesforce training opportunities, you will manage to build a successful career and gain all the benefits and perspectives Salesforce has to offer today.