How To Manage Change Management
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How to manage change management

It is believed that organizational culture change provides meaning, direction and clarity that will make the business to achieve its goals. But it is necessary that cultural change should happen from time to time to ensure that it fits the environment in which the business operates.

Corporate culture reflects the personality of an organization. The organization culture includes policies and procedures that help to find out the way in which corporate and its people behave and solve issues related to business. One can get an idea of the organization culture by looking around and talking to the employees of the company.

Culture is in essence an organization’s operating environment: the implicit patterns of behavior, activities, and attitudes—shaped by a shared set of values and beliefs—that characterize the way people work together. For a strategic change to implement successfully it is necessary that the changing culture need be aligned accordingly. Unfortunately this is not an easy task.

What exactly changing culture means is a very difficult to explain. It is not as simple as determining new behavior, setting up of new beliefs and value in the organization. Most of the time it is seen that people won’t change until they see that their role model are acting differently, or they are appreciated for their positive behavior in terms of incentive like promotion, praise for their work, or becoming a part of a good project.

Change management focuses on behavior change of the people and targets leadership within all levels of an organization that includes senior level managers, supervisors, and executives. If change management is executed successfully people feels that they are part of the change process and work cohesively to attain the objectives and goals of the organization

Change Management Process

Change management is a complex process which varies according to each individual organization’s needs. There will be different approaches taken depending on a wide range of factors including the type of organization, the change objectives and the external environment

Step 1 – Build the Case for Change

The first and foremost step in change management process is to determine the reason for change. This will be the foundation of the whole change process. When this is done successfully with the help of team members can explain why the changes are being implemented.

Step 2 – Share the Vision and Values

Once the first steps is implemented the next step would be to discuss the vision for the change i.e. what will happen if the change will be implemented, how thing will improve in the organization. Creating a set of values in the change process and communicating the same to the people will help them prepare for the challenges and the risk that might take place in the later stages.

Step 3 – Resources and Information

For the change management to be implemented successfully it is necessary that adequate resources are available to achieve the objectives. Change will not be implemented successfully if these resources are not given importance.

Step 4 – Management and Leadership Capability

While the change process takes place it is necessary for the managers and the leaders to have the capability to manage change. Attending good management training will help them to develop the skills and behaviors required for the same.

Step 5 – Communication

One of the Keys factor while implementing changes successfully is good communication. The level to enrich change is effectively communicated will have the direct impact as to whether the change process will succeed or fail. Change process will require it communicate some difficult message that  need to be explained in a very empathetic and supportive manner.

By applying this change management process and taking the necessary steps one can guarantee successful change management within the organization. In every organization parameters that help changes to fail or work well need to identified and improved. This will ensure that change management is working accurately and helping the organization to grow in this competitive business world.

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