Best Certification Platforms To Become A Developer
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Best Certification Platforms to Become a Developer

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Upskilling has become an integral part of a career in Information Technology. Also, every company has now become a tech company. You can find numerous professionals working on a computer in a healthcare company, manufacturing department, logistics, and even logos and Monos crafting companies. A small grocer uses software to maintain its records of stocks, sales, purchases, and returns.

While there is a need for a software application for everything we do on our gadgets, there have to be software developers who come up with versatile and robust applications that are crafted as per our requirements. These are called software developers or web developers.

With the massive demand for software developers across the globe, there has been a surge in the professionals willing to advance or launch their careers in web development. A formal four-year degree that requires lots of investment of both time and money is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is here that online learning platforms come into action.

Online learning platforms have proved to be an amazing, cost-effective, time-saving, and relevant method of acquiring the knowledge and skills required to learn web development. Especially during the pandemic, professionals got quality time to upskill themselves, and this drove the popularity of online learning platforms.

Organizations have also started realizing the value of certification awarded by these platforms as they serve as the testimonial of the rigorous training you have gone through. Some certification platforms add great value to your resume and make sure that you land your dream job by the time you are done with the training.

Best Certification Platforms to Become a Developer

This post will inform you about the leading certification platforms out there in the market, which will make sure that you acquire all the knowledge to excel in the field of web development.

Top Certification Platforms to become a Developer

 1.  Simplilearn

Of course, when it comes to top online training platforms, the hype is all around Simplilearn. This certification platform provides you with an immersive learning experience where you can develop skills for real career growth. First, the cutting-edge curriculum is designed by industry and academia that ensure the development of job-ready skills. 

Second, you will get to learn from experts who are active in their domain, not with out-of-touch trainers. The leading practitioners bring current case studies and best practices to fit your schedule. 

Third, Simplilearn allows you to work on more than three Capstone projects that include real-world data sets with virtual labs so that you get hands-on practice with all the tools and techniques involved in web development. 

Fourth, the mentors are available round the clock to provide you with any type of learning assistance. 

The mobile application of Simplilearn allows you to learn from anywhere, at any time. 

By taking full stack java developer program by Simplilearn, you will get, 

  • Full Stack Java Developer Certificate
  • Master’s Certificate in Full Stack Development

This course by Simplilearn makes sure that you master all the essential front-end technologies to create an impressive client-side, all back-end techniques to code the server-side, and learn database technologies to build a robust application that meets the expectations of the customers or clients. 

2.  Coursera

Coursera is popular among students as well as professionals for its amazing university-level courses as well as certification programs. Most of the courses provided by Coursera include video lectures, quizzes, reading materials, assignments, projects, study materials, and group discussions.

The full-stack development course by Coursera includes front-end techniques such as HTML, CSS, React, JavaScript, and Bootstrap.

It enables you to deploy and scale applications by making use of cloud-native technologies and tools such as Kubernetes, Serverless Functions, containers, and Microservices. 

On completing this course, you will get a professional certificate that enables you to kickstart your career as a Full  Stack Developer.

3.  Scaler Academy

Scaler Academy is another great online learning platform that ensures all-around expertise in web development. Some crucial aspects of web development that you will get to master by taking up this course include HTML, CSS, UI/UX, and JavaScript; back-end languages such as Node.js, Golang, Java, and Python; frameworks such as Django, Spring Boot; in-depth understanding of data structures, system design, databases, version control systems, and other technologies. 

The industry-vetted curriculum, 1 on 1 mentorship by industry veterans, real-life projects, live classes by industry experts, and excellent career support by a dedicated recruitment team are some of the special features of Scaler Academy.

4.  edX

When it comes to great college-level online courses, edX comes at the top. It is popular for providing top-notch courses. The Full Stack Development course by edX covers the topics such as cloud models and architectures, cloud computing, CI/CD toolkit, HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript. 

This course also covers containerization techniques, orchestration, and scaling applications using Kubernetes. You will get to learn basic programming concepts of Python. You will learn how to compose queries to insert, update, select, delete, or add data to databases. 
In short, you will learn all the aspects of web development. 

 5.  Udacity

Udacity is also a great option when it comes to learning all the facets of web development. This course makes you ready to nail the full-stack developer job you are willing to land. 

The special features of this course include live instructor-led sessions, cloud labs-enabled learning content, practical experience with the help of real-world projects, an industry-validated curriculum, and a special focus on job-ready skills. Mock interviews and hackathons make this course worth taking. 

You will get a sound knowledge of the ways you can develop, deploy, scale, and secure applications and also attain expertise in business logic, user interface, and also database stacks. 


As per a report by Statista, the demand for software developers will increase from 23 million in the year 2018 to 28.7 million by the year 2024. If you want to choke on the spot, acquire job-ready skills with any of these great certification platforms. 

Top online training providers are listed in this article. You can choose any of these according to your requirements. 

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Top Certification Platforms to become a Developer