Yoga, The Kala Of Kali Yuga, Imaging Consciousness, Im Aging Conscientiousness
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Yoga, The Kala of Kali Yuga, Imaging Consciousness, Im Aging Conscientiousness

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Yoga, The Kala of Kali Yuga, Imaging Consciousness, I’m Aging Conscientiousness


The practice of yoga asana’s embodies the vishwalaya of kala’s vishwa’s. This seeks to refer to the universal art of the heart’s universality. In yoga; the heart is one with the art as the art seeks its oneness with the heart as well amazingly.

Life is moving on words and the world is moving onwards. This is attributive of the tremendous dialogues, monologues and prologues that we come across in our life time; so then introspectively reflecting upon the essence of our lives, where does this actually leave us with space to focus upon the integral self development of realizing our higher consciousness and higher selves respectively?

Through yoga, we discipline our minds energy; whereby between the space of each and every breath, we expand our consciousness in unison with the universal breath of life. This is the harmonious integration of our mind, heart, soul and chakras (life force energies) consonantly.

Regarding the captioned title, it earnestly seeks to focus upon resourcefully utilizing all that we have in good faith and trust of creation. Our being enshrines the sacredness of evolution, we have emerged from nature and will upon completion of our earthly sojourn after fulfillment of our earthly dharma (duties) merge back with the source of creation.

However in between, during our life on earth we are endowed with numerous opportunities to further enhance and improve the scope of our lives by better understanding ourselves completely to completely understanding ourselves better and it all originates and is remarkably sustained from within us. It is not something that we can just wear and discard but rather it is something that lives and breathes with us all across our lifetime;, so that is profound since it shapes the very characteristical essence of our living a purposeful life within each and every moment of our being.

Consciousness cellular breathing is the process where we are precisely engaged and participating in each and every breath nutritiously. It is the total integration of our being where we are remarkably healing and feeling well and wonderful about ourselves and others; and are able to remarkably experience our evolutionary growth in grace and wisdom magnificently.Remember what we are preparing is pre pairing us as well, whether it be for any sphere of our lives; whatever we focus upon grows and flourishes, so we need to be consciously aware of our thoughts, feelings, emotions, expressions and actions consistently and conscientiously for each kala (art) of life humbly seeks to teach us more about ourselves and how we could each creatively collaborate and devotionally come together  to sustain the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony, progress and welfare of the universe infinitely, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi