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Yoga, The Kala of Kali Yuga, Imaging Consciousness, I’m Aging Conscientiousness The practice of yoga asana’s embodie ...more>>
International Day of Yoga, From the Soul to the Solar   Every breath of life seeks its heart of living, God bless. ...more>>
Hear our Eyes Blinking, The Phenomenal Vision Somethings brought us here. The sum think is to hear our blinking. ...more>>
The Congress Congress, Come Grace, Count Your Blessings, Bless Your Country Grace Members of the congress are endowed with the amazing ...more>>
  Lord Ganesha, The Ace and Mace of Divine Grace; The Universal Brain, The Brain’s Universality With t ...more>>
Made for God     God has made us truly for ourselves.When will we make ourselve ...more>>
    The completeness of the divine light within us connects itself with the completeness of the sacred li ...more>>
  Har dil ka kalam bole ab dil sanam. Do what you love, love what you do. Peace, Love and Light, God bless. &co ...more>>
      Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s noble #SelfieWithDaughter initiative evokes the morality of our con ...more>>
                &n bsp;  The space between time and light ...more>>
India, Creating Wonders, The Wonderfulness of Creation India is the art of creation. Creation is the heart of India, God bless. ...more>>
Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Celebrating the Vision of India’s Greatness, God bless   Dear Mr Prime Minister, 16 May 2 ...more>>
Casteism? Civil Rights? Racism? Skin Colour? Understanding the Essence of Life The colour of our skin does not define us. The colou ...more>>
    Swachh means Clean. Bharath represents the magnificent interpretation as follows. Bha referring to ...more>>
Amen, Amin, Ameen, Aum, Om, Om Namo Narayana, Om Namaha Shivaya, Om Shanti, Satnam Waheguru, Shalom The soul has no religion. L ...more>>
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