Swachh Bharath, Clean India Mission, Envisioning India'S Greatness
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Swachh Bharath, Clean India Mission, Envisioning India's Greatness

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india_2 Swachh means Clean. Bharath represents the magnificent interpretation as follows.

Bha referring to Bha which means to adore, to love, to respect and Rath referring to the chariot of righteousness.

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As we enshrine the pure divine essence of our great nation India in our devotional endeavors, the light of life radiates through from within our thoughts, actions, expressions and intention conscientiously.


Let us make India proud of us by first of all truly being proud of our brilliant creative heritage that embodies the incredible magnificence of priceless values and remarkable opportunities to experience our evolutionary growth in grace and wisdom infinitely.


As we experience the purity of our being within us, all that’s around us is amazingly affected by this intuitive attitude that shows us the reflection of the creative intelligence of life.


When we breath, our lungs seek pure air. When we drink, our bodies seek pure water. When we eat, we nourish and indulge in consuming pure nutritious food. Likewise, whatever we do, we want the very best, the very finest and the purest ever.

Well then, as we emerge from the earth and then submerge+merge back with it upon the graceful completion of our earthly sojourn, why don’t we celebrate the essence of our being by maintaining a clean and pure environment please?


Think about this precious gift of conscientiously caring for nature, the environment, our Motherland India and the ecological conservation and our great country’s sustainable progress, Jai Hind, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi