Women &Amp; The Logistics Industry
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Women & The Logistics Industry

EXIM Professional
Researchers say that women help employers to create more principled environment at workplace. In Spite of an incredible rise of women in business world, both logistics and maritime sectors are still male dominated sectors. There are number of people working in logistics in India. But less than half of them are female. The reason for such small number across the world is mainly because of the traditional boundaries for women working outside home.  It is also a general belief that women are not physically accomplished for maritime industry. The logistics industry is suffering from deprived perceptions of its career opportunities, which is leading to the skills gap and a lack of gender diversity or gender equality. Addressing acuities that the choosing logistics industry as your career option is a real challenge and if you are women then it is definitely the hardest job option for you just because the first and strong impression of logistics industry has primary roles of moving and lifting. 
What's more, the industry's position within the manufacturing sector has, for some, meant that the bequest workforce is more male dominated. As the modest contextual changes, delivering fast and effective customer service has become the single most important measure of success. Logistics influences every industry and business sector in the world including retail, pharmaceuticals, fashion, technology, construction, transport and so on. This means that in addition to needing drivers and warehouse operatives, the industry strongly needs business development and customer-facing personnel with expertise in the industry. The logistics industry is working to make changes to attract a more assorted workforce but, in doing so, it's important that there is a focus on hiring women in positions where they have visibility to inspire and encourage other women in the industry. The main and important reason to hire more Women in the Logistics industry is that women in general are fitting to multitasking personality. Where Logistics industry is also have multiple functions to do apart from the moving and/or lifting Trucks and Cranes. Logistics itself a vast industry and the main attraction of the same is you will learn day to day new things, and you will gain delightful experience by the end of every day.

It is quite a difficult task to demonstrate this kind of preconception wrong that Logistics as an industry demands a lot of time and has very operational sort of job so going beyond the office hours and putting in that extra hours will require a little bit of an extra foot. Women are globally underestimated because of being a woman, being married, being a mother and having many additional responsibilities alongside their careers.
If we look back at a trend, there had been many industries in India those were always meant to be male dominated industry only, but with the changing scenario women are actually putting their self at best in the said sectors. Let’s take an example of **Ms. Prema Ramappa Nadapatti is the lady who is making her way in this male-dominated career option. She is the only female BMTC bus driver-cum-conductor in Bangalore. When her husband died 10 years ago, Ramappa didn’t have any choice because she had a family. Always wanting to do something different she chose to become a bus driver. She is often called “daredevil”** by her colleagues. In fact being a daughter of EXIM professional when I had chosen to pursue my Masters in Logistics, I had come across many questions, such as “how would you work at operations?, How would you visit ports/ICD very frequently?, You need to deal with transporters/forwarders etc. These types of poor perceptions lead the skill gaps within the industry. To overcome this there is a need of awareness about Logistics as a subject within the present Educational verticals. Again Logistics is one of the emerging backbone fields of the century just like IT & other sectors.Those considering to move into the Logistics should focus on building their own marque and trust me women it's the best way to ensure you're accepted in the role for your capabilities. The industry will only be able to attract the right talent and overcome its perception issues by better promoting the scope of opportunities available. And this can be only possible through the EXIM professionals like us who have been cherished by the industry.