Hear Our Eyes Blinking, The Phenomenal Vision
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Hear our Eyes Blinking, The Phenomenal Vision

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Somethings brought us here. The sum think is to hear our blinking. Most of us are so deeply occupied, our attentiveness intensively focused upon either our computers or electronic devices far much more than we could ever imagine. Meaning that if our eyes feel like blinking, we might barely blink and then contribute to the continual process of preventing any blinking of our eyes, lest we miss some important information? Important? Critical? Information?

What’s actually more important please? Our eyes that yearn for some breaks, some intervals, some precious gaps of time in between our hectic schedules to be able to pause and let our eyes peacefully blink as they used to. By all means do what needs to be done; what needs to be attended; but in between the respective schedules, when possible, reasonable and safe, do take the initiative to look away from the intense glare of the electronic devices screens and seek to glimpse and reflect upon the divine essence of life’s gracious wisdom and do remember to blink,when and as safely and reasonably possible.

Why over strain? and excessively deprive our eyes from indulging in their natural processes of blinking when possible please? In fact, intermittent blinking when safely possible (meaning not when operating any critical device or vehicle or machinery or other such devices+objects that may require extremely strict and focused attention for the particular span of time particularly)

Blinking nourishes and cleanses as well as improves our vision. What is  more important, our healthier eyesight or the pressure of preventing our eyes from blinking please?

The choice is yours of course and regarding the captioned title hear our eyes blinking is not the literal meaning or the virtual sound and drawing attention to this by emphasizing and expressing the accentuated emergent need at all; most of us might already be aware and when rubbing our eyes, we might hear and listen to the tiredness of our eyes that after so many hours of constant focus without the actual blinking and gazing at the various electronic devices screens experience an enormous relief when we perform this as a disciplined action and not just casually.Its not about what is subjective or objectives or even prioritizing; rather its about doing what’s truly right and essential but safely please.

Before it might been so what? Its nothing new? Oh well, lets move on, lets discuss more interesting things? and so on and so forth, but when carefully understanding and realizing that we are depriving, yes depriving our eyes from blinking and what this actually constitutes; what all of this is in the long run leading to, would seek to refrain from over gazing and being so intensively focused on the screens of our electronic devices surely.

For what is more precious? A few more times that we safely blink when safely seated at our computer desks or while commuting on the train or bus as a passenger or in the taxi on our way from one destination to another; or for that matter even on the ferry or where we are commuting across as a passenger, will a few more blinks hurt please? Think about it and then please do b\link about it as well; for our eyes definitely deserve and merit the lubrication and intermittent or as frequent as possible blinks please, take care and God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi