#SelfieWithDaughter, The Affection That Effects Our Understanding, Reflecting Upon The Soul Of Huma
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#SelfieWithDaughter, The Affection that Effects our Understanding, Reflecting Upon The Soul of Huma

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your-daughter-will-hold-your-hand-for-a-little-while-but-hold-your-heart-for-a-liftimePrime Minister Narendra Modi’s noble #SelfieWithDaughter initiative evokes the morality of our conscious awareness amazingly.

It seeks to make us realize that the essence of our soul enshrines the breath of our priceless divine principles and values conscientiously.

As we celebrate the priceless moments with our Families, the greatness of life’s values teach us to introspectively reflect upon each and every moment of life’s relationship cherisingly, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi