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Happier – Here, Be Here – Be Hear – Listen to the Sound of our Divine Light – God Bless – Respectfully Happi ...more>>
UEFA – Your True Essence Has Faith In Your Ambition – EURO 2012 – Europe, Your True Hope Believes In EU – Go With Th ...more>>
Genes – Genetic Codes – Genere’s – The Art of our Life makes every part of our Life to Gracefully seek its Evolution ...more>>
Athens, The Grace of Greece Seeks Your Conscious Realization & Compassionate Embrace - God Bless – Respectfully Crisis The Greek ...more>>
Celebrating Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee –  The Reign/Ray-In of Glory, Gratitude, Gentleness, Generousness, Greatness ...more>>
Being Connected – The Connection in Being – God Bless – Respectfully Be a Leader – Lead your Being – Embrace ...more>>
Memorial Day – Courage, Reflection and Remembrance – God Bless – Respectfully Poignant Memorial Day is a humbly poignant ...more>>
Remembering Robin Gibb, Bee Gees – The Tragedy – The Sincerity Of Living – A Little Later Might Become A Later Little &nda ...more>>
May Day – May 1 2012 – Labor Day – Labour Day – International Workers Day – May The One In All And The All In ...more>>
Compassion; The Calm Passion; God Bless; Respectfully  Compassion Compassion, the calm passion of our Life - God Bless  Love ...more>>
Remembering Charlie Chaplin – The Joy Within You Is Your Choice – The Choir-Choice Within You Is Your True Nature – Tru ...more>>
  Remembering The Titanic – Thinkering The Remembrance – God Bless – Respectfully Titanic Every thought of the Tit ...more>>
The Sequel of Life – The Seek Will of Living – The Sequence of Goodwill – The So True – Sow Truth of Life’s Qu ...more>>
  Leaders – Lead Us – Words Lead Us – World Leaders – Keep Leading Us Towards The True Will Of The Universe ...more>>
  Realize you are Love – Love Your Realization – God Bless – Respectfully  Love Realize you are Love – ...more>>
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