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Whatever, wherever and whichever scams, fires and wrong happenings are focused in our country public discuss as it can be conspiracy, motive or for individual benefit or any other. And that news is forced to hear us. Have you people ever thought the causes of all the happenings...? Yes sometimes and then left for others to discuss only. When the local (Municipal/Gram/ZP) elections are held, Do you observe the money factor how does it work? Yes, it works and plays prior role to hang out the base of democracy. Wrong elements are easily seen and the certain groups assist them without any fear. Had you ever tried to notice the same to the authority or commission? Answer is pause...........instead of that some more of us feel pride of that they are the active workers of that XYZ candidates. If the situation is seen to such grass root level elections, then what could be the MLA/MP level? Of cosurse the worst. So initially, we active voters must have pay effective attention and must try to clear the picture and the bad elements too. Means only commenting on issues is not solution but each has to work to root out the bad elements of every walk of life.