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When work is virtual, Why should physical presence be insisted upon???? This topic is generating a lot of interest & debate among the p ...more>>
  Understanding the Vocabulary of Silence  Contrary to what the age old idiom that says “The squeaky wheel gets the grease ...more>>
SELF PROMOTION ESSENTIAL TO MAKE YOURSELF RELEVANT IN THE PINK SLIP ERA There are any number of reasons why you should advertise t ...more>>
LET US HELP BUILD LADDERS OUT OF POVERTY FOR THE NEEDY.   Everybody can be great…because anybody can serve. You don’t ha ...more>>
Development Dynamics, Embrace the culture to Embrace the Cause. Many development agencies from America & Europe are doing extraordinary ...more>>
  The continuous advent of new technology and the emanation of technology from the Asian and other countries have created a situatio ...more>>
 Ethics take a back seat, as opportunism goes into overdrive & leads from the frontAbout the Medical Profession......Once upon a time consi ...more>>
  A Swan, among Ducklings, Are you one?  The value of gold is known only to the goldsmith is an old saying. Is a gold smith eval ...more>>
CEO’s Shakespearian Dilemma….   To be or not to be, (or how much to be) that is the question…   ...more>>
Is it fair to use the term “Reverse Innovation” for the technology emanating from India & China, especially when these count ...more>>
  Body Tattoos are Exhibits,Mind tattoos, Are They Inhibits???Few more University degrees than others, does this make you a better edu ...more>>
CEO'S THAT SUCCESSFULLY FAIL ! ! ! ! The myth that surrounds the persona of a CEO as a person who never fails has been blown away by the ad ...more>>
We are fighting Corruption for the past the past 64years, we may fight for another 100 years and still not end it.   So much has been ...more>>
  A winning resume for gunning a dream job………..   A wining resume is the best weapon you can have in your ...more>>
If God were to propose and the Human beings were to dispose, would human beings dispose of all the gods at the first instant??? Not a very ...more>>
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