How To Start Taking Action?
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How To Start Taking Action?

Not everybody is made the same way. There are some who are born thinkers while others are born doers. There are also others who like to think about doing something but in actual fact, they never get anything done! Which group do you want to belong to? Taking action is vital if you want to achieve success in life because no amount of planning and thinking will get you anywhere! However, how do you start to take action?

Just a search online or a browse through self help books and you will discover that there are many ways to make someone become a doer, instead of just a thinker. However, the crucial part is finding out which way suits you best because not every way will be suitable for you.

How do you tell that a person is a doer, not a thinker? Action people are those who are very organized and have no problem proceeding from one project to the next. It seems as though it does not require any effort to do so. On the other hand, the thinkers are those who are very disorganized and will not be able to move from one project to another. As such, they tend to be exhausted at the end of the day as compared to the action people.

Unlike the action people, these flounders will not be able to understand why they have not accomplished anything and yet they still feel very tired. Even when they do step back to analyze each day’s work, they will tend to deceive themselves into believing that they have made some progress when in fact they have not done much for the day.

Since you are looking for help to taking action, chances are you belong to the flounders group. The good news is you have acknowledged that you need help and the first thing you need to do is to get organized. It does not matter whether you are trying to take some actions for your business or for your home; the key point is to start with a to-do list.

You know what the things you need to do are so you should prioritize them first. At the end of each day, write down the things that you have to do the next day. Make sure you arrange them in order of urgency. Have the most important one right at the top and remember to strike it off your list once you have accomplished each task. You will feel very satisfied to see each task being taken off the list. Keep in mind that you must only take it off after you have completed the job. There must not be any cheating or you will not fulfill your aim of learning to take actions.

Do not be too hard on yourself. Be sure to give yourself a reward when you have successfully completed everything on the list. It does not matter even if you have taken more than a day to complete the task. Acknowledge the fact that you have successfully accomplished it. In fact, you should give yourself a pat on the back with each task ticked off. When you have incentives you will want to achieve more.

A word of caution is that you should take note not to spend too much time making lists. If you fall into this group of people, one good suggestion to help you is that you should visualize the task that you are required to do. What this mean is to see yourself doing and completing the task in your mind. Be sure to visualize every step that you need to take. Once you have completed your visualization, you can then proceed to doing the task physically. To some people, this actually helps them to work faster as they are already sure of what they are supposed to do.

This method is able to work well because when you focus your mind on just one central thought, your thought waves become energy waves which will build up until your energy is surged up within you, making you want to take action right away. When you feel this energy in you, make sure that you take action right away before the energy sips away again.

When you are taking action, there might come a time when you face a problem and do not know how to proceed. If that happens, just take a few moments to clear your thoughts. Sleeping over the problem can sometimes help too because when you are too exhausted, your mind is not able to focus and you will lose the energy to work.

Taking action is the key to accomplishing your goals. No amount of planning will take you anywhere unless you work on it. However, regardless of whatever problem you may face, it is important to think positive and remain happy. When you are happy and positive in your thoughts, it draws positive energy and you can then achieve your goals more easily. Therefore, it is time you change how you think and you will soon also change how you act.

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