And So The King Of Good Times Came To An End!
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And So the King of Good Times came to an end!

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 And So the King of Good Times came to an end!

I find it amusing that a man who can spend his money on lavishing himself beyond a rich man’s imagination, can find it difficult to pay his employees' salary.

 His son Sidharth 'Sid' Mallya is famous in his own rite; he keeps making a fool of himself by thoughtless tweets and comments.

Mallya received substantial press coverage that focuses on his lavish parties, villas, automobiles, Force India, Royal Challengers Bangalore and his yacht “the Indian Empress”.

The Kingfisher Airlines been suffering from ill health and the Mallyas did nothing but drank and made merry, now it’s on the verge of dying or rather it’s just dead the Father and Son duo has been asking the government and other investors to save it.

Since the government and other investors left him to himself, he decided to let KFA rot in the open along with, the people who spent years working for him.

I think there seems to be no end to the father and son duo foolhardiness, just the other day I saw or happen to stumble upon on one of Sid’s shows. The Kingfisher calendar contest, He was talking like nothing happened, if I was him I’d hide my face in shame, for not paying thousands of people their hard earned salaries and here he watches half naked women stand in front of him with their bosoms almost on his face.

Siddharth Mallya was educated at Wellington College in Crowthorne followed by Queen Mary College, University of London. I wonder what he is doing here in India, besides making a hoodwink of himself trying to get cheap publicity by moving with Bollywood crowd.

I think Vijay Mallya’s companies need to be liquidated and the 7000 cr debt needs to be cleared along with his employees salaries of course. I see no reason why he should be let off the hook. It’s high time he took responsibility.

I will humbly request Vijay Mallya to pay back his debt and the airlines employees’ dues. They need money for reasons greater than your parties.