Introduction To My Way Of Providing Business Services
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Introduction To My Way Of Providing Business Services

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This is my first post on and may l first thank you and a small number of people that have asked about joining a network. 

I am 55 years of age and have been self-employed most of my life and have been involved in areas of finance, business and property. 

From a young age of 16 years of age l joined an insurance company called Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society and eventually built my own brokers having moved into providing finance in many forms. These products ranged from a secured loan through to a corporate mortgage. 

My personal area of expertise l suppose you could say was commercial funding and l financed arrangements for clients both here in the United Kingdom and abroad. This included my own offshore company that provided small secured lending. 

Now since early 2001 l have commenced building a network and will look to complete this by no later than 2012. 

The focus of this blog is to provide people with a range of good and services by contract across the web for people in need of help and guidance. To gain a greater idea of my check out my profile on or email me for further details. 

Should you have a question or need any advice on selling of goods or services let me know. Also we have a small number of consultants all experienced in their own field these include - a chef of some 30 years, a technology expert and website designer. 

Speak soon Ian                  
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