Patna: Beautiful Tourist Destination Of Bihar
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Patna: Beautiful Tourist Destination of Bihar

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The city of Patna is located in the state of Bihar in India. It is the capital city and most popular city of Bihar. This city is believed to be one of the oldest civilized cities of the world. In the past, the city was centre of the empire of Magadha under the dynasties of Nanda, Sunga, Pala, Haryanka, Maurayan and Gupta. It is home to several ancient buildings and monuments which are centre of attraction for the tourists. The ancient and mesmerizing architecture of these buildings also draws the attention of many history lovers. Today, Patna is a major metropolitan of Bihar and is a unique combination of modern and ancient architecture styles.

Patna is home to many tourist spots. It is a very holy place for the Sikhism believers and followers because it is the birth place of last Sikh guru Guru Govind Singh. Tourism is a major contributor to the economy of Bihar. There are several places of interest in Patna.

Bodhgaya is the most famous tourist spot for the foreign tourists.

The ancient sites of Didarganj Yakshi and Ashokan Patliputra give a hint of the art style of the Maurayan dynasty. There are many places which are very important to Sikhs. These places include Five Takhts of Sikhism, Gurudwara Gobind Ghat, Gurudwara Bal Leela, Gurudwara Pahila Bhar, Gurudwar Handi Sahib and the Gurudwara Guru ka Bagh.

There are also some places which give you a hint of the modern British architecture. High Court, Secretariat Building, Padri ki Haveli and Golghar are few examples of it.

The Lok Nayak Janprakash International Airport which is situated in the city of Patna itself is the next door airport. It is located at a meager distance of 3 kilometers from the center of the city. The tourist will have no difficulty in finding accommodation at different hotels and guest houses of Patna.

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