Why HTML5 Has To Win Out Against Flash?
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Why HTML5 Has to Win Out Against Flash?

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Flash has been used extensively by web developers over the years to integrate videos and other multimedia elements into a website. Combined with HTML it formed a perfect tool set for the developers. It was a perfect solution for all that you couldn’t achieve with HTML. But with the advent of HTML5 and the features that it encompasses developers no longer need to depend on third-party tools such as Flash to add videos and animations to a website. It has introduced video and audio elements that make it easy to install videos and audio into the website. Many have been calling HTML5 the ‘Flash Killer’ and it has good enough reasons to win out against Flash. Let us take a look at some of the advantages that HTML5 videos have over Flash and why it has become so popular.

You can clearly see that HTML5 enjoys a lot of advantages over Flash when it comes to integrating videos in a website. It is being used extensively by the developers and more features are expected to come as HTML5 is still at its nascent stage. But it would be wrong to write a premature obituary of Flash as the technology has been one of the premier tools in web development and is still finding usage with lot of web developers.

  • One of the greatest advantages that HTML5 videos have over Flash is the fact that HTML5 video players are lightweight compared to Flash players. This makes them ideal for smartphones and other mobile platforms. This is a huge advantageous as smartphones and other hand held devices contribute substantially to any website’s traffic in today’s world.

  • In HTML5 videos the native controls of browsers allow users to save the videos locally or email the videos to others. Although both these things could be done with Flash videos too it wasn’t as easy as is the case with HTML5.

  • Being a third-party program Flash always requires the user to have Flash player installed on the device. This often becomes a problem with many web browsers and devices which don’t have the plugin installed by default. There is no such issue when it comes to HTML5 as all the modern browsers itself supports all its elements including the video and the audio.
  • Another great advantage that developers enjoy with HTML5 is the fact that the video and audio are keyboard-enabled by default making it highly accessible to the users. Apart from this you can also build your own controls using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This doesn’t require great skills and can be done in a short while.
  • HTML5 allows you to make the videos responsive in relation to its environment. You will come across a multimedia API that gives you full control over the video. This makes it easy for you to make the video react both to changes in the video itself and to the page around it. For example the video can reposition itself with the orientation of the page.
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