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Cat eye glasses have a history in the early 50’s and 60’s fashion that will add a touch of v ...more>>
Last month, on a bright morning in Chinatown, New York, Voguephotographer Michael O'Neal stood in the midd ...more>>
Instant slim can effectively lose weight and make you a charming appearance. The ingredient of instant slim ...more>>
Knitting has become incredibly popular as of late. Young women who grew up in households where neither thei ...more>>
For a smart home office, a laser printer of your own is essential.. Keeping a laser printer is not the alt ...more>>
Gold and Diamond Jewels are always a special gift and it can bring happiness and cheers in the face of a ...more>>
Having gray hair is a sign for some people to feel that they are no longer young and they start using ha ...more>>
Indian Fashion has always been in news. And, why wouldn’t it be? India has got some really talented f ...more>>
Humans need unique and attractive designs and style in their clothing, that’s why we daily see men ...more>>
Life as a CEO of a known company is not cool or fun. You have to work hard, really hard! But life as ...more>>
“If your favourite color is red, then definitely you are going to cherish this article a lot&rdquo ...more>>
  Brushes are often overlooked. We use them then simply throw them back in our make-up case not ...more>>
Trendy eyewear made a comeback in the fashion world and hence you will find plenty of eyeglass trends in 20 ...more>>
  The fashion house Givenchy presents its new collection of handbags Spring / Summer 2014 , this year ...more>>
When getting tired of certain circumstance, we need something different to better decorate our life. Fes ...more>>
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