How Can You Become A Market Leader In Travel Business Via Website?
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How can you become a market leader in travel business via website?

Digital Marketing & Brand Consultant

As I have decided to publish a series of articles to explain significance of website in modren business terminology. I will publish atleast one article per industry every week. First I select travel & tourism sector not just because of my favorite one but for its contribution in UK economy in past few years. Let me give a glimpse of it...

A report published on 15th January, 2015 by office for national statistics of UK said that 10.2 million visits from all across the globe were made in 3rd quarter of 2014. this is 4.0% (9.8 million visits approx) increase if you compare with Q3 of 2013.

There are countless way( travel agency owner, independent travel adviser, tourist guide, hotel or resort owner, restaurant owner or a cab service provider) to become a part of this industry. It doesn't matter how you are connected, you have to get updated with latest trends. Especially for travel & tourism industry the trends is more important than tradition. Your success depends on how you can change your style of doing business by using modern technology and innovative ideas.

6 Questions every travel-entrepreneur should ask himself

  1. Is he ready for reaching global audience?
  2. Is he still practice with traditional techniques of marketing?
  3. Is he able to beat competitors spread across the globe and also local?
  4. Can anyone contact him (I mean your company) anytime regardless of his physical presence?
  5. How many people get information about your latest offer &reap the benefit?
  6. Is it any simple way that his customer give feedback or review of his service?

If you are littlebeat languished with above questions, don't worry I have a solution....

Design a travel website and boost your business from all the channels of marketing online marketing and offline as well. Set-up the social media accounts and start engaging with your targeted audience at the same time you go for lauching website.

Why website is game-changer for travel & tourism business?

  • Customer can get information (service, package, contact details, offers etc.,) with just a single click  anytime anywhere.
  • Customer can ask anything regarding accomodation and other facilities via online chat option featured in your website.
  • Customer put trust on your service by reading testimonials (from your website) of your happy customers.
  • Website is a cost-effective marketing tactics. It gives best ROI as well.
  • If you are the best service provider, google will also suggest you by displaying your site in first page for relevant search queries.

Website increase your local customer network as well. You will get number of phone calls refering your website details.

A good website is a effort of three: Strategist thinker+ Innovative Marketer+ Creative Designer

I have consulted for number of travel website design projects on behalf of UK's creative web design company-3iinfocom. There are number of marketing tips specifically to tourism industry for enthusiastic business leaders.

I hope you have enjoyed my writing. See you in next week with the same subject for fashion& lifestyle industry.

Happy to hear your comments about my article. I invite all of my travel business geeks to join chat with me on twitter with #travelmarketing on 13th February 2015 at 9:00 PM (US timing). Inform me if you want to join me by twitter @maulikvirparia