9 WordPress Themes For Professional Authors
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9 WordPress Themes for Professional Authors

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In the present digital age, people need an online medium to further their ideas and visions. In this context, websites remain to be the most reliable and appealing solutions. A person can easily reach out to millions of people through a website which is well-constructed and properly managed. When it comes down to professionals like authors, architect, graphic designer, a website acts as a portfolio. 

However, getting a good looking website with ample features can be a difficult thing to achieve. Professional authors always require the best-suited websites that can seamlessly display their content in a reader-friendly way. To select the best design for a website, a professional author can ask a website development company to come up with innovative and unique ideas. The company can provide an excellent design with a plethora of features if it chooses to develop a WordPress website. WordPress is a perfect solution for the people who have specific requirements and require customization at a larger scale.

( Wordpress Themes for Proffessional Authors

Over the years, a thriving community of WordPress developers has developed, which keeps on giving some of the best WordPress themes. Professional authors can choose from a wide range of themes for their website.

Among these themes, best 9 WordPress themes for professional authors are:

  1. Divi
  2. Cheer
  3. UpMagPlus
  4. Gillion
  5. Webify
  6. Gridlove
  7. Smart Blog
  8. RibTun
  9. Minimalia

1. Divi

If you are a professional writer who wishes to create a professional website, then you can pick this theme without giving a second thought. It is among the best WordPress themes. It offers users with a variety of tools that enable them to create web pages worthy of hosting their immaculately written content. It provides options to target different demographics as it is completely translatable.

At present, it provides 32 languages along with Right to Left (RTL) writing support for different languages like Hebrew or Japanese. The user is provided with access to 18 types of pre-designed site layouts. By loading these various templates, the author is able to post immediately, without worrying about the construction of the website.

2. CheerUp

It is among the most responsive and clean WordPress website theme. It comes with a flexible framework for the purpose of creating modern magazine websites. Using this theme, a full stack development company can create professional-quality websites without any issue. This particular theme comes with demos as well as layouts that you require to present your content in various tones.

The user can create a magazine website with a fresh design style as well as creative widgets with few clicks. It is quite flexible owing to hundreds of brilliant admin options that it offer. This particular theme offers powerful and innovative typographical kits in order to allow the user to express himself with clarity as well as eloquence. It is fast-loading and quite efficient due to its high-performance platform. It assists in keeping the server cost down while maintaining a broader audience.

3. MagPlus

It is another creative and sharp WordPress theme, best suited for websites of professional authors. It is quite flexible and comes with a wide range of customizable tools for displaying content in brilliant fashion. It is a coding-free platform for the purpose of making articulated modern blogs. It comes with a Visual Composer that makes customization process a seamless, visual process. It provides 40 demo websites along with dozens of beautiful templates with 20 sliders as well as 12 header styles, to name a few. 

Infinite layouts allow you to make a thumping visual statement which matches the words’ tone of the authors. It is SEO-optimized and fast loading that keeps the server costs down.

4. Gillion

It is a minimalist and simple blogging theme, best suited for websites of professional authors. This particular theme is quite easy to customize. A WordPress development company can use this theme for offering a website solution to its clients, especially to those who wish to have different areas of the website in different colours. 

 This theme allows it to do without changing a single line of code. It is completely integrated with Google Fonts, which can easily be used for creating an impactful branding statement on the target audience.

5. Webify

Webify is another spectacular WordPress theme that can be used by any full stack development company to provide an aesthetically beautiful website to its clients. The site canvas actually comes with a wide range of features. 

It has a clean, compelling as well as distraction-free online presence that makes it easier for the readers to go through the content. Its ease of usage is quite easy that the user doesn’t have to be a tech-savvy person.

6. Gridlove

It is a responsive and fast WordPress theme. It is actually a tool that is ready-made for creating magazines for classic writers. It provides flexible homepages along with hundreds of previously-built layout choices. 

It also comes with four distinct pagination types, ranging from older to newer as well as post navigation. You can easily get access to comment threads and forums through bbPress. It also highlights different posts as well as supports short codes and widgets.

7. Smart Blog

This particular theme is among the best WordPress themes because of its impressive features. It comes with three distinct layouts, where a layout is not just retina-ready but also fully responsive, along with an unlimited range of colours as well as sidebars.

 It comes with brilliant options panel, a full-screen background, over 20 custom widgets and plenty of short codes.

8. RibTun

This particular theme comes with a wider range of appealing designs as well as templates. It is best suited for professional writers who wish to have a website based on a well-documented and responsive theme that provides support to JS, PHP and CSS.

Also, it is quite compatible with Smartphone's, tablet as well as desktop. It is also cross-browser compatible that adds another feather to its cap and makes it a favoured choice of any web development company.

9. Minimalia

This theme has a perfect balance between aesthetically beautiful design and functionality. It not only surrounds and displays but also highlights the written content quite well. It comes with seemingly wide range of customization options along with personal widgets as well as optimizations. It allows the developers to take complete advantage of its powerful options panel along with SEO optimized layout as well as translation ready features.

It comes with limitless colour options, unlimited backgrounds, a light box as well as short codes. It has Full Google Fonts library as well as social media compatibility along with the option of personal dashboard design.


Websites remain to be the best medium for professional authors to showcase their work in a digital medium. To reach out to more number of the reader, a website should be not only visually appealing but also fast loading, along with many factors. WordPress provides a wider range of themes for creating such websites. A professional author can either hire a WordPress development company or individually hire dedicated developers to create his own WordPress website. Mentioned above are 9 of the best WordPress themes for such professional authors to choose from in order to build their own website.