How To Crack MBA CAT 2009 Online Exam?
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How to crack MBA CAT 2009 Online Exam?

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“The nature of study preparation doesn't depend on whether the CAT is a paper-based or a computer-based test”.

One need not be a computer savvy to take an online test. All that is required is the ability to use the mouse and a few basic keys. One needs to spend at least 5 hours a day for the ultimate preparation.

Preparing Math

Preparing Data Interpretation

Preparing Analytical reasoning

Preparing Reading comprehension

Preparing Verbal ability

Word list


After the test, spend time to analyze it. The key points to analyze the test:


See if your speed is better than previous tests, notice if you do not understand basics you cannot apply them to tougher problems. Both these attributes are a prerequisite for speed solving.


Many individuals are not used to sit for hours at a stretch; a high degree of concentration is required for every individual who take this test for the first time. Comprehensive tests make us to sit for two hours at a stretch and we increase our attentive span.

Time Management:

The most important value provided by the comprehensive test is to analyze the strengths and weakness. So one should manage time and allocate certain time to each section depending on strength and weakness.


Accuracy is the number of correct questions out of attempted questions. If this is low you need to go and revise the chapters which reduce the accuracy because marking wrong option will impose negative marks in cat.

Finding Traps:

One should avoid false positives or false negatives i.e., one shouldn’t leave easy questions thinking they are hard and attempting the hard questions thinking they are easy. Analyzing the progress and comparing with the previous attempted paper is a must.