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The Houses Of Future

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Home automation revolutionizes the Interior Design Industry in the Age of IoT

The idea of a smart home might take you back to the American animated sitcom ‘The Jetsons’, The futuristic series had a profound impact on people’s mind while talking about the future. Once a draw for the tech-savvy or the wealthy, smart homes and home automation is steadily catching up. What used to be an off-center industry that produced hard-to-use and rugged products is finally coming of age into a full-blown consumer trend.

However, the smart home system integrated into a classic style interior is currently luxury living at its best. Being the Founder & CEO of the KariGhars, a luxury interior design firm that transforms the ordinary into sensational spaces, I implement cohesive smart home technology that further enhances the functionality of the expanse. Coupled with automation and the right blend of ergonomics for homes and kitchens, I believe in curating spaces that reflect sophistication.

The Houses Of Future

So what is a smart home system, why smart home needed, and what are the benefits of having it?

For starters, it is a set of solutions for automating and monitoring everyday activities that use devices and everyday objects connected to the internet.  The sudden rise in the demand for automation in homes can be credited with the influx of smartphones & tablet computers.

These ultra-portable computers are omnipresent, and 24*7 Internet connections mean they can be configured to control a plethora of other online devices. It's all about the Internet of Things (IoT)’. I make it a point to include the technology available at hand & inculcates it into my designs. One of the benefits of having a smart home is that one has the possibility of remotely controlling their home functions. You can remotely oversee all the functions of your home as long as you are connected to the internet. This comes in handy while living in a villa, or a multi-floor apartment where you can control functions of one room from another room.

Home automation can aid in keeping one’s home safe by preventing accidental damage such as water, flood, or fire. Water sensors detect leaks from the washing machines, dishwashers, and notify to prevent damage to the interiors. Similarly, fire detectors send a notification in case of smoke appearance or overheating, which can also prevent the damage of home décor.

The convenience & simplicity that comes with home automation & managing all devices centrally from one gadget or app is unmatchable. Turn on the patio light at the same time after sundown and turn it off with sunrise, or set up automatically turn on and turn off the lighting for your home exterior and boundary wall. Open and close window blinds at a certain time or turn on the music in your bedroom with alarm in the morning to wake up.

Settings of the home automation systems help to maintain a healthy environment by regulating home temperature, humidity, and lighting according to your settings. The list of things your smart home can do is huge, and with technology growing every day by leaps and bounds, it is opening up endless possibilities. Not only will incorporating automation in home design become affordable, but it might also save money due to the use of energy-efficient technology.

With new attempts of amalgamating IoT and interior design trends onto the same platform, interior décor will not only provide aesthetics but also offer smart functions that make the home comfortable and convenient. After all, smart homes shouldn’t be ‘smart’ for the sake of it, but to improve the everyday lives of its residents.