Programmatic Advertising: Why A Self-Serve Platform Is Right For You
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Programmatic Advertising: Why a Self-Serve Platform is Right for You

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You are already sold on the idea of using programmatic advertising to spread the word online about your business. The process is certainly more streamlined than relying on older methods of buying ad space and making sure it ends up on the right sites. What remains to be decided is whether you will go with a managed or a self-serve platform for your advertising efforts. Here are some of the reasons why the latter choice is right for you and your business.

You Want to Be In Control

One of the greatest things about a self serve advertising platform is the degree of control you maintain over the advertising and marketing effort. Providers who offer this hands-on tool ensure that the user has all the resources on hand to make informed decisions about ad design and placement. You don’t have to go looking for those resources: it’s all there with your interface. All it takes is sorting through the different tools, trying some combinations, and deciding what you want to do next.

You Know Your Target Audience Well

Owing to the clear vision you have of what type of customers you want to reach, the kind of ads that will attract their attention, and where those ads need to be placed in order to for that targeted demographic to see them, a self-serve platform works best. The possibility of bidding on ad placements that are not the right fit is minimized and you can expect more returns for your advertising dollars.

You Can Gauge Reactions and Success Rates

The tools that come with a self-serve platform provide real time information that helps you know if your instincts about a particular approach are right. You won’t have to wait to get an idea of how many people are clicking on your ad and staying long enough to get an idea of what you are offering. The results can help you tweak an ad slightly or determine that bidding on ad placements on a different site would be in your best interests. This helps you allocate your advertising and marketing funds more efficiently and generate greater returns.

The Process of Bidding is Simpler

You already know that programmatic advertising of any time means targeting specific sites for running your advertising. It also means bidding against other companies that also want their ads to appear on those sites. Real-time bidding helps to give you an edge and any self-serve platform worth considering will include RTB options. By making use of the RTB platform from it’s possible to successfully place those ads where you want, ensure they are seen by the right audience, and boost the changes of increasing your revenue stream.

If the idea of self-serve programmatic advertising is appealing, talk with a professional today. Arrange to see a demonstration and take note of how many tools are made available. After you try this approach for a month or two, going back to more traditional approaches will be out of the question.

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