How Will A DUI Conviction Affect You In The Future?
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How Will a DUI Conviction Affect You in the Future?

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There are people who believe that an arrest and subsequent conviction for driving under the influence is something that will not have any long-term effects. In fact, that conviction could alter the course of your life for some time to come. Before thinking you will spend a day or two in jail, pay a fine, and the matter will be over, consider how your life will be affected. Here are some examples.

Get Ready for Higher Auto Insurance Premiums

You can bet that DUI that make it all the way to convictions are monitored closely by auto insurance providers. While you may have a long history of excellent driving, the fact that you are now convicted of DUI will change the way your provider assesses the risk involved with keeping you as a customer.

While your present auto insurance company may not find it necessary to free you to seek deals with other insurance providers, rest assured that the lower premium you’ve enjoyed for years will be a thing of the past. In keeping with the fact that you now pose a more serious risk to the provider, those rates will go up. How long they stay that way will depend on what other infractions take place during the next several years.

Finding a Job May Be More Difficult

 At present, you are not worried about employment. Your record with the company ensures the boss will likely take the conviction in stride. What you may not realize is that your future prospects for advancement may be affected.

 In other words, your present position may be safe. Successfully applying for and receiving a more responsible position with higher pay in the same company may be more problematic.

 Should your present employer downsize or go out of business, what happens when you start looking for a new job? Many employers conduct background checks that include any history of brushes with the law. When the DUI conviction shows up in one of those checks, that could cause some employers to pass you over for someone who also has the right qualifications and a spotless record.

 The Incident Could Cause Friction in the Family

 On a personal note, your DUI conviction could change the way family members and even friends look at you. This is especially true if the circumstances surrounding the incident include a few elements they find particularly disturbing. While most will continue to be there for you, the level of respect they extend may be a little lower than before.

 Never take an arrest for driving under the influence lightly. Seek out a Milton DUI lawyer who will take the case and make use of every legal precedent and approach to defend you. Doing so could make the difference between being able to put the matter behind you sooner rather than later and having to live with your mistake for a long time.

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