Believe It Or Not - Bihar Is Changing!
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Believe it or not - Bihar is changing!

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Believe it or not - Bihar is changing!

I was taken by surprise on reaching Hajipur Junction – the gateway to Patna- the capital of Bihar. There was no trace of the poorly lit sickly looking platform. Instead impressive brightly lit campus welcomes the visitors. As I went out of the platform gate to get a feel of the surrounding: I was amazed at the way things had changed. From outside the Railway station appeared like an Airport.

The next morning as I travelled to Patna on an auto rickshaw which I had hired, and rode the bridge on the river Ganga, I felt up set for the ongoing repairing work around the mid way. And then as I entered the city, I saw flyovers – a few were under construction and some nearing completion. All through the roads were being laid down and widened. During the day as I moved far and wide in the city, I saw works progressing on war footing everywhere.

More remarkable was the attitude of people. They appeared confident and positive about everything they did. Some clearly outlined their priorities and communicated their resolution in as many words. It seems to me that the new generation has taken it as a challenge – they don’t want to hear anymore that they are Bihari – good for nothing.

As regard to my business appointment, the contact person requested me to reach Boaring Road Crossing. They received me and brought me to their newly built training center – Inductus Academy, one of their recent endeavors which I thought was a marvel. And the people I met there were all confident and each bubbling with newly found spirit – each finely poised in professional demeanor. HRD Consultancy Company in Bihar - One would not believe; I was literally dumb struck when the Center In charge explained about the project and the training modules.

My next stopover was the recruitment office of Inductus Consultants Ltd. I met a team of twenty plus young HR executives – female in majority, each busy with Laptop and Phones and not having even time for a glance; some offered a handshake while intensely absorbed in conferencing over Internet. And then I met the CEO – Alok Kumar, a fine young entrepreneur, must be in early forties. I listened to him amazed and absorbed like a child while he talked about operation of RPO and KPO, and in general, business philosophy of Inductus.

Alok Kumar the Inductus CEO is expecting a turnaround of Indian Economy in a year. Inductus has absorbed the beating-they are not the one who would hide in a corner and wait for the storm to pass by; they are now busy in diversifying to KPO. They are also seriously using this pause owing to slow down, in ground work to build brand image, which they say, will certainly pay off in future. Smart thinking!

Believe it or not, Inductus is not a push over by any means. They want to grow faster than the industry. And I know for sure if they can sustain their efforts, they can jolly well do it.