How To Achieve The Best Grades Possible With Minimal Steps
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How to Achieve the Best Grades Possible With Minimal Steps

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In life, there are the conventional ways to get things to get things done, then there are the easier ways that produce better results. For instance, rather than spending hours on that essay of yours only to whip up something you know would get you a D+ at best, why not just outsource it to a professional essay writer like one of the many on weekly essay and get an A? This article’s purpose is to let you know of those other steps that require little effort you can take to help you achieve the best possible grades.


The normal way the average person is expected to go through life is: walk, talk, go to school, go to college, get a well-paying job, start a family, be financially free, watch your children go through the cycle of life, die. However, whether or not you get a well-paying job largely depends on one major thing – how good your grades were in college.

There are the normal stressful ways you can ensure your grades are up such as through rigorous reading (reading for about 16hours a day with the remaining 8hours dedicated to eating and sleeping). However, there are easier and simpler ways that require little effort to ensure you are maximising your potential by achieving the grades you ought to be achieving. So, basically, that statistics homework you were too lazy to do and too nonchalant to enlist the help of the professionals at online statistics homework help could haunt you for the rest of your life.

How to Achieve the Best Grades Possible With Minimal Steps

These ways include the following:

1. Read Wisely/Smartly

I know what you are thinking “Why the hell is reading in still list? It doesn’t require minimal efforts.” To save you from that dangerous line of thought, permit me to inform you that reading does require minimal effort but only if done right. The main idea is to make every reading session an activity rather than a chore while making sure you achieve the main aim of reading – assimilation.

It would be a total waste of time to spend say 6 hours of your time only to end up forgetting all what you read in minutes. Why not try reading for 30 minutes or 1 hour and taking time to do other things while rehearsing what you read, then when you are sure you have fully assimilated what you previously read, proceed to study the next chapter for another 30minutes or 1 hour. It is important to know that what you end up remembering in the exam hall does not depend on how long you read for but how much you are able to recollect.

Do not be scared to input some fun activities into your reading such as listening to music while rehearsing, making use of mnemonics, attaching feelings to what you read, forming abbreviations to aid recollection, relating the text to something of interest, etc. provided you are sure it will help you in the successful assimilation of what you read.

2. Notes, Notes, Notes

To achieve the best possible grades, you need to take notes, both physical and mental notes. Trying to pass exams without having notes to read from is like trying to kill a lion with your bare hands – it is possible but you’ll have to be extra ordinarily gifted or lucky.

To ensure notes doesn’t turn into a chore, ensure to take notes in class rather than having them pile up and copying them at once. Taking notes in class could help embed certain parts of the text and explanations in your brain which would be useful when revising and in the exam hall.

Notes of what you are reading and what you’ve read (something like a summary, written in your words and ideas for easy assimilation) should also be made. This way, rather than having to go through all the notes when you need a quick juggling of your memory, you could easily peek at your made up notes.

3. Have A Positive Mind Set

The type of mind set and belief a student holds has the potential to determine the level of grades such student ends up with. If you have a negative mind set, believe you can’t do better and have given up, the spur to do better isn’t there and you’ll most likely end up with bad grades. However, if you have a positive mind set and set the goal of the grades you want for yourself, it would give you the courage and push you need to learn and pass exams.

Truth be told, whether or not you are willing to read for an exam or do anything life depends on the mind set you have towards said thing. So the more positive you are and believe you have what it takes to get the best grades, the more likely you are to get those grades, and seamlessly too.


Nothing makes one proud more than seeing you got the best grades possible after trying all you could in all your exams. However, you shouldn’t have to work tooth and nail to make that happen. Simply do these three things diligently and you are on the way to achieving your dream of getting the best grades possible with minimal steps.