How To Overcome The SEO Issues With Your AngularJS Framework
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How to Overcome the SEO Issues With Your AngularJS Framework

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Senior SEO Analyst
It has been seen for a long time now that Java Script has a tough time getting along with SEO. For a fact, Google finds it hard to index the content of JavaScript and the technology based on it.

In case there is a less amount of JavaScript data in your web page, Google can still index your web page in a better way as it can crawl the surrounding data of the page.

However, the problem arises when a whole web page or content on it is rendered in JavaScript. To keep the SEO of your web pages alive in this case, you might need some professional AngularJS development services that can help your web pages get properly indexed by Google.

SEO Issues with AngularJS Framework

Now, people who have used AngularJS for their web platforms are sure to face SEO troubles. This is because this web development platform is solely based on the JavaScript. And given the age-old cold war between Google and JavaScript, your website is going to suffer.

Over time, Google has made numerous improvements in bettering its indexing capability when it comes to JavaScript. And it has even succeeded somewhat. However, even the recent studies show that Google still faces troubles when it comes to indexing Javascript, especially Angular.

Thus, the web pages based on AngularJS can be barred of enjoying a good traffic, a good search engine rank, and so, the businesses are barred from reaching their digital audience, effectively.

With this in mind, a number of AngularJS web development experts have come up with numerous ideas to make things work when it comes to Google indexing the JavaScript of your AngularJS web page.

The Solution

For search engines to properly index your web pages, they need to take a peek at the elements and content of the source code of the page. For this, as per the professionals delivering AngularJS development services, you can use a pre-rendering platform. A pre-rendering platform is a middleware that crawls the web pages and look for the JavaScript files.

The platform executed the JavaScript files and create a cache of all the Angular Pages. This cache version of the pages is then hosted by the platform on their CDN (content delivery network). The cached version of the page is created for the search engine bots for better indexing of your JavaScript web pages.

One of these platforms is the

This method of saving your AngularJS-based web pages from SEO issues is also supported and approved by Google.

Thus, you can always keep your AngularJS-based SEO issues at bay by availing the best AngularJS development services from professionals. So, you don’t have to lag behind in the digital race just because your website is based on AngularJS. Along with the goodness of this framework, you can now enjoy the goodness of the good SEO, without compromising on anything!